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Best Time To Upload A Video On - Digital Sachin

What Is MxTakatak ?

MxTakatak, is an Indian video-sharing social networking service, based in banglore, India and owned by ShareChat. It offers features special effects, short videos, emoticons stickers and etc. In addition to this MxTakatak App allows users to download videos and supports 15 languages. 

MX TakaTak allows users to create short videos and share them on social media. Similar to TikTok, it enables video browsing across genres such as dialogue dubbing, comedy, gaming, DIY, food, sports et al. The app can be used in 10 languages including English.Its also a short Video app like Tik Tok but with a major difference. It is an app developed by an Indian company so safe for use by Indians. Regards

Intro :-

 MxTakatak’s popularity for mobile video today is unquestioned, which is why it is crucial to know when is the best time to publish videos on MxTakatak.

The social media app recently surpassed 5 Million monthly active users, and nearly 1 million users are active every day. Marketers have certainly noticed and have emphasized video ads as the best way to reach audiences on the platform.

When is the most active time on MxTakatak ?

  • Generally, Mondays and Thursdays are be the best days to post, with any time other than 3pm to 4pm being a good time.
  • Posting slightly before people are on their phones and on the go is smart, with some studies showing that Thursdays and Fridays at 5am tend to be great for post engagement
  • A Hubspot study found that the period of most consistent engagement is weekdays between 2pm and 5pm.

Best Time to Post Video on MxTakatak:

One of the fastest growing platforms, especially when it comes to video content and marketing to millennials, MxTakatak is the most popular Monday-Saturday. Posting before work hours and after work is the key to hitting your future customers with a small window of increased activity between 3 PM – 4 PM (for the kids getting out of school and people needing an afternoon break).

How to make Mx Takatak Video Viral?

But there are many people who want to be famous but their video is not getting viral. Keeping this in mind, in today’s post,  how do we make Mx Takatak Video Viral? Going to give information about this. After which the expectation of your video becoming viral will increase to some extent.

How to make Mx Takatak Video Viral

I told you in the previous post  how to increase fan followers on Mx Takatak it talks about. Apart from this, you will find many such applications on the Internet, but there is no application to bring the view on the video. For this you have to follow some tips. Today I am going to tell you the same tips in this post.

1) Unique Content: –

To be viral on Mx Takatak , you have to enter Unique Content. If you put someone’s copied content, then views will not come on your video. That’s why you make such a video that no one has thought of till date. So that people get interested in watching your video.

2) HashTag :-

After the video is made, when we upload it, then you must put the hashtag. If you give Trending Hashtag for your video then the chances of your video becoming Viral increases.

3) Comment :-

You have to comment on someone else’s video. With this it will happen that if you comment on someone’s video, then that comment will go to him. In such a situation, he will read the comment and will also visit your Id. If your video looks good then he will definitely watch your video. But in this you have to comment the video of the small user only.

If you comment on the video of a small user, then he will read your comment because he has less comment. That’s why you have to comment the video of the small user only.

4) Regular Mx Takatak Video Upload:-

If you want to bring View on your video, then you have to upload regular videos. Because by uploading regular videos, the expectation of video becoming viral increases more.

5) Share Social Media :-

Share your video on maximum social media. Because the more people you reach your video, the more views will come on your video. You can share your video by joining Mx Takatak Group on Facebook . Or you can share your video on social media account like Whatsapp, Instagram or Twitter.

10 Great Tips To Make MX Takatak Video Viral 2021

Mx Takatak Video viral kaise kare:   After the ban of Tik-Tok, Mx Takatak is very much in trend on social media in India. On Mx Takatak, we get to see entertainment videos of 15 to 30 seconds. The reason for its rapid trend is that after the ban of Tik-Tok, its users are increasing very fast. If views are not coming on your Mx Takatak video then read this article carefully, in this we are telling you how to viral Mx Takatak video.

You must have also created your Mx Takatak ID, if you have not created it now, then make it because Mx Takatak is a very good platform to become famous in today’s time.

How to viral Mx Takatak video

If your  Mx Takatak video is not going viral, you do not get much likes, you are tired of putting videos, then here today we will tell you 10 such tips by which you can make Mx Takatak video viral, so let’s know .

Mx Takatak video viral kaise kare – top 10 tips

1. Unique Content

Most of the same videos are viral on Mx Takatak, in which the video is different from everything else. If you copy someone, then your video will never go viral. So make your video such that no one has even thought of till date. For this, you can make videos of VFX effects or make whatever you want, but it should be different.

2. Video Watch time

The video on Takatak goes viral according to the watch time. If people watch your video completely then your video will become viral. For this, you can show any short story or poetry or comedy in your video so that people can see it completely. This will increase your watch time and the chances of the video going viral will also increase. 

3. Make Video in Public Place

People also like to see what is the scene in the background of the video. If in your video there is a crowded place or college station in which some people are seen behind you, such a video can quickly go viral. This means that people see the action you are doing on the camera, then what is the reaction of the people behind you, people are not laughing for you.

4. How to get views on New Mx Takatak Id-

When your ID is brand new, what should you do if the viewer is not able to access your ID? Comment on other people’s videos on Tik Tok or reply to someone’s comment. This will happen that the person in front will check your Mx Takatak ID and watch the video. If he liked it then he can also like and follow.

5. Trending #Tag

If you want to make the video viral on Mx Takatak, then it is very important to apply hashtags. Due to which your video comes more in search. Use only trending hashtags in hashtags.

6. Make Duet Video

Duet is a feature that lets you make your own videos with the biggest creators. If you want more and more likes and views on your video then you can duet with Famous Takatak User. With this their followers will come to your video. With this your video can become viral.

7. Comment

Comment is one such way by which you can increase likes and followers on Takatak along with making your video viral So always comment on other’s videos. You should always comment only to such user who is growing now.

8. Regular Active

This is one of the most important fact to make your video video viral. There are many users who are active only occasionally, then think that their videos are not viral. If you want to make your video viral, then be regular active on your account and publish at least two to three videos daily.

9. Use App Camera

MX Takatak App’s camera can help you to make your video viral. Most of the people use it but do not use its filter. If you shoot using the camera of the app while making a video and also use its filters, then this can make your video viral quickly.

10. Fix Timing

It is often seen that all the big creators upload the video at a given time. That’s why you should also upload the video at a certain time. By the way, the best time to upload videos is in the morning, afternoon and evening because people are free at this time. Which time is best for you, you decide on your own.


So today we learned how to do Viral Video on MX Takatak. I hope you have understood how to do MX Takatak Video Viral.

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