Online Photo Selling: How To Earn Money By Selling Photos Online?

 Many people have a hobby of photography and many people want to make photography their career but cannot make it. If you have the urge to do photography and you know how to do photography very well, then you can earn money through it online as well as continue your other work.

Online Photo Selling: How To Earn Money By Selling Photos Online?

Many people do photography in the world as a hobby and keep that photography limited to themselves but if you do very good photography then you can earn money through it too. You can also make your hobby a means of earning.

You need to be a little professional to earn money by selling photos online. If you do photography from mobile then it will not work. For this you must have a DSLR Camera because here you can earn money only on the photo taken with the DSLR.

To earn money by selling photos, your photo should also be such that other users can see it. For this you need to have a good understanding of photography. If you want, you can also do a course online for this or you can click the photo according to your understanding.

How to earn money by selling photos online

If you do good photography then you can earn money by selling them online. There are many such websites on the Internet on which you can earn money by uploading your photos. We are going to tell you about some such special websites here.

Adobe Stock Image

Many people know about Adobe. This is an American company making software related to photography and videography. Its website is adobe stock image on which you can earn money by selling your photos. From here creative agencies from all over the world buy photos.

Shutter Stock

This is also an American company. You must have heard and seen about this too, whenever you search for an image on google, most of the image shows the logo of shutter stock. Those images are on the shutter stock website and they have copyright on them. If you want, you can sell your photos here by creating your account on it.


This is the only company in India that does the work of selling photos to creative agencies. Any person who needs a photo, this company gives him a photo and takes a charge for it. If you want, you can earn money by uploading your photos on it too.

Two types of people come to these websites selling photos. One is those who need the photo and they buy the photo by paying money and other people who have to earn money by selling the photo. Separate accounts have to be created for both these types of people. Here you have to create a contributor account to sell photos.

How to create Adobe stock image contributor account?

To create an account here, you have to go to this website

Now two options will come in front of you. If you already have adobe id then login with it and if not then click on get started.

Now a signup form will be filled from you, in which name, email, password, date of birth have to be filled.

Here you will get a confirmation mail on whatever email id you have given. Open that mail and confirm.

Now your account has been verified, click on ‘Click here to continue link’. After this your dashboard will come in front of you.

Shutter stock contributor account

Click on this link to create an account here (

As soon as you open this link, a form will appear in front of you, in which you have to enter your name, email id and password.

Now you will get a verification mail on the email ID you have given. Verify your account through this mail.

Now you have to fill your address and contact number.

Now your account has been created. You can use your dashboard.

Imagesbazaar contributor account

If you want to create your contributer account on imagesbazaar then you can click on this link (

You do not get any direct form on Imagesbazaar. Here you talk through direct call and send your portfoliyo.

After sending the portfolio, it will be approved by the company, then your account will be created.

How to make money from photos?

You have created an account and you started uploading photos too, but it is also important to know how you will earn. Here when you upload the photo, someone will buy that photo. You will get royalty or commission on that purchase. Here the commission varies from 30 to 50 percent on every website. You will get money every time people buy your photo.

Apart from this, if you are a graphic designer ( how to become a good graphic designer ) then you can also earn money by uploading illustration and vector here. On this too, you are given a commission on every sale. Here if you want to earn good money, then you have to give such thing which is useful and is also different only then people will like it and make up their mind to buy it.

After registering on these websites, you can get money through paypal after earning your money. For this, you have to give details after creating the account or at the time of creating the account itself. Give this detail correctly and thoughtfully because your money will keep coming in it.

These are good websites to earn money but keep in mind that if you are a professional photographer then it may not be of much use to you but still if you believe in taking some good photos and selling them then you can visit these websites. You can earn money by registering.

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