What Is Googlebot (What Is Googlebot ) How Does Google Bot Work?

 Google has many products to do a lot of work on the Internet, one of which is a special product Googlebot. Very few people know about Google bot because usually people do not have to use it but those who are publisher or blogger must know about Googlebot. Google bot is of great use to them. With the help of Googlebot, bloggers can bring the content of their website to Google’s page and search. (Googlebot Kya Hai In Hindi) Google bot is the only tool that helps a lot in generating traffic of blogger and brings users directly to your website

What Is Googlebot (What Is Googlebot ) How Does Google Bot Work?

What is google bot ?

Googlebot is a product of Google, whose job is to filter the content of the website on the Internet and bring it to a user. If you want to get any webpage ranked on Google, then you will have to take help of Google bot. Or rather Googlebot will help you in this. Google bot is a web crawler software used by Google which helps in fetching the content of other websites from Google’s search engine. There are many different types of web crawlers on the Internet. Who work for information on different platforms.

How does google bot work?

Before understanding how Googlebot works, we have to understand how Google Search Engine works. Two types of people come to Google. The first are the visitors who search for any information. Like all of us who take the help of Google for some or the other information are called visitors. Others are publishers. These are the people who collect information for the visitor and publish it on Google. Now the same type of information on Google is available on many websites in many ways. That is, if you want to know how to download Aadhar card, then on this you will get thousands of articles on thousands of websites and many videos will be found on YouTube too.

Now the internet is a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčinformation. The task of bringing the information you have discovered from this ocean is not for any person because he will not be able to give you so much information so soon. So Google made a software for this work named Googlebot. You can also think of it as a kind of robot. Its job is to bring the content of all the websites on the Internet to Google. Filter it on the basis of that keywords and category. And if needed, bring it in front of the visitor and present it immediately. When Googlebot does this work, then Google does not need to hire people for this work. With this, the work of the visitor is also easily done and the publisher also gets the right traffic on his website.

Types of Google Bot Types of Google Bot

Google has so far made many bots which it uses on different platforms.

1) Desktop Googlebot

Google’s desktop bot crawls any web page in the desktop version. Meaning when you search on the browser of computer or laptop, then the desktop Google bot brings all the results in front of you.

2) Mobile Googlebot

Nowadays people have more smartphones than computers. That’s why most of the computer work is being done in the smartphone. Today people want to search anything, immediately people google on their phone and they get to know. Mobile Google bot does the work of crawling on mobile’s search engine. Mobile Google bot makes any blog mobile friendly so that the visitor does not face any problem.

3) Image Googlebot

Apart from content, photos are also searched a lot on Google. Which we search by some name or the other. Google’s Image Google bot keeps indexing of all these photos with it. So that when a user searches the photo by that name, he can get the correct result.

4) Video Googlebot

YouTube is a huge platform in terms of video. There are crores and billions of videos on this. People also search these videos directly and Google has to tell their results. That’s why Google keeps them crawling too. And shows them in all his results.

5) News Googlebot

Apart from the featured content on Google, there are many websites that work only on news. There are also many visitors on the Internet who want to know the news, then Google News Googlebot has been created for them. Google also keeps indexing of news through different websites.

6) Adsense Googlebot

Google also has a platform Google Adsense, through which website publishers earn money . Google has also created a bot for Adsense, which can decide which ad to show on which type of page so that the ad can be visible to the right user.

7) Book Googlebot

Google also has a section of Google Books. On which there are many books available. Many visitors search the book on Google. So the user can see the results of his work by going to the Book in the Google menu through this bot.

If you want more users on your website, then definitely do Google indexing of your website. So that Google can crawl each of your pages and traffic can come to your website. Many times the reason for not getting traffic on some websites is due to lack of crawling.

Apart from this, there are some pages that you do not want to get crawling, then you can hide it from Crawling. You cannot use Google bot directly but if you do indexing of your website then it helps you. 

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