Audacity Download: What Is Audacity? How To Record Voice And Edit Audio?

The visuals behind making any video the best are as much amazing as its audio. If you do video editing, then you are definitely looking for a good audio editing software in which you can record voice as well as edit it. In this article, we will tell you about one such amazing Audio Editing Software ‘Audacity’. Which is completely free software and very easy to run..

Audacity Download: What Is Audacity? How To Record Voice And Edit Audio?

Audacity क्या है? | What is Audacity?

Audacity is a very popular Audio Recording and Audio Editing software. Audacity is a free voice editing software. Therefore it is quite popular among the users. Most of the people who do work related to Video Editing and Audio Editing definitely have this software in their computer. Its interface is very simple. If you know how to operate a computer, then you can use it easily. In this, you will know about how to record audio and how to edit it, and then you will be able to use it like a professional.

How to Download Audacity? 

You can download Audacity very easily on your computer with the help of internet. Follow the process given below to download it.

First of all visit the official website of Audacity ( ).
After this you will see an option named Download in the menu bar, click on it.
On this page, you will be given options to download Audacity for different OS. Click on any of these OS on which your PC runs. Like Windows , MacOS, Linux.
– By clicking on these, the Audacity software will start downloading in your computer.
After downloading, click on the downloaded file and install it.
After installing you can use Audacity.

How to Record Voice in Audacity?

If you give your own voice in your video, then this is the Best Voice Recording Software to record voice. With its help, you can easily record your voice and export it in MP3 format. If you want to record your voice on this software, then follow the procedure given below.

– First of all, put a mic in your computer for recording.
– Open Audacity Software.
On the homepage of Audacity Software, you will see a Red Circle. It’s a recording icon. Click on it.
– Recording will start.
– Wait for a few seconds after the recording starts and then start speaking.
When your recording is complete, click on the Stop icon.
Now try playing your voice. The Play icon is also present on the software itself. If you want, you can also play by pressing the Space button.

In this way you can record your own voice. You will find below how to remove its export.

How to Edit Audio in Audacity?

After recording the audio, the work of editing it is done in this software. Like you recorded your voice. Now you want to remove some part of it. If others want to put any music in the middle, then all that work will be done on this software.

– To cut unnecessary things from the recording, you have to select that part of your recording which is not useful. You can select it with the mouse. After that directly press the Delete button. That part will go away from there.

– If you want to put any other music in it, then click on File. In this you will get the option of Import. With his help, he brings the music here and cuts the music he wants. Here you will have two layers. You can create a new audio by placing the music under the part of the recording in which you want to play in the background.

Apart from this, you can do many things in Editing. You can create a new music by cutting different music. You can put some music in the background behind your voice. Can give any music effect. You can do many such things by putting your mind in this software.

How to remove noise from audio?

One of the biggest problems that remains while recording voice is the noise. No matter how good you can record voice with the mic. Somewhere the noise has to come. You can remove noise in few steps in this software.

– After recording the voice on this software or after importing the recorded voice elsewhere on this software , first select it completely.
After this go to Effect in Menu.
You will see the Noise Reduction option in Effect. Click on it.
In this, click on Get Noise Profile. By doing this it will capture the noise of your voice.
After this, go to Effects again and click on Noise reduction.
Now in this you will see the level of noise reduction. Increase them a bit and click on Preview to see if the noise is removed or not.
– You can remove noise according to your own. After the work is done, click on OK. Noise will be removed from your audio.

How to Remove MP3 Export in Audacity?

Whenever you create or edit a file in any software, it is created according to that software. If you save on the same version then it will not open in anyone other than that software. That’s why we have to export the file in such a format that we can use it on any software. Here we are dealing with audio, so MP3 is a format that is valid on all software. So we will learn to export it in mp3. If you want, you can export to other formats with the help of this process.

After editing, click on File.
In this, you will see the option of Export at the bottom. Click on it.
By clicking on it, you will see Export as MP3. Click on it.
After this, name your file and set the location wherever you want to save it.
After this it will ask you to give tags and other information. If you want to give then OK, otherwise you click on OK directly.

In this way the audio editing done by you will be converted into an MP3 file and you will be able to use it to improve the video in any software like Premier, After Effect, filmora, Kine master etc. Audacity is a great audio editing software. There are many features in this, which you use by paying money in many software. So if you want to try using any good audio editing software, then you can use Audacity.

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