Best Time To Upload Video On Josh App – Digital Sachin


Best Time To Upload Video On Josh App - Digital Sachin

What Is Josh

Josh – India’s own short video app – is your latest destination for short, snacky and trending viral videos! You can bring out your inner superstar and create your own unique short videos for a chance in our Hall of Fame – or – snack on our endless stream of videos curated to meet your needs.

Intro :-

Best Time To Upload Video On Josh App - Digital Sachin

Josh’s popularity for mobile video today is unquestioned, which is why it is crucial to know when is the best time to publish videos on Josh.

The social media app recently surpassed 5 Million monthly active users, and nearly 1 million users are active every day. Marketers have certainly noticed and have emphasized video ads as the best way to reach audiences on the platform.

Best Time :-

Best Time To Upload Video On Josh App - Digital Sachin

One of the fastest growing platforms, especially when it comes to video content and marketing to millennials, Josh is the most popular Monday-Saturday. Posting before work hours and after work is the key to hitting your future customers with a small window of increased activity between 3 PM – 4 PM (for the kids getting out of school and people needing an afternoon break).

When is the most active time on Josh ?

  • Generally, Mondays and Thursdays are be the best days to post, with any time other than 3pm to 4pm being a good time.
  • Posting slightly before people are on their phones and on the go is smart, with some studies showing that Thursdays and Fridays at 5am tend to be great for post engagement
  • A Hubspot study found that the period of most consistent engagement is weekdays between 2pm and 5pm.

How To Download ?

You can download the Josh application from Google Playstore on Android and the App Store on iOS. Here’s the download interface for the PlayStore rendition of the Josh application. Here’s the download interface for the Josh application for the iOS form of the application. The application has quickly become well known since the time its delivery and numerous big names have joined the application content makers.

Josh App is from which country? 

Best Time To Upload Video On Josh App - Digital Sachin

Josh is a totally local application. The application has been made and created in India by the organization Ver Se advancement private restricted. The application is claimed by Dailyhunt, an Indian substance curation stage. Viren Gupta and Umang Bedi of Dailyhunt have been leading the Josh application project.

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