6 Brilliant Ways To Organically Increase Twitter Followers

6 Brilliant Ways To Organically Increase Twitter Followers

Here’s the thing about Twitter: It’s really fun.

 Okay, that’s not the only thing.  In addition to being really funny, Twitter can be an important part of any marketing strategy.  If you want to connect with your audience better then this is the perfect medium.

 In addition, there are statistics to support the power of Twitter as a marketing tool.  69% of Twitter users purchased from an SMB they saw or engaged on Twitter, and 93% plan to buy one.

 Like most social media platforms, if you are connected to followers, Twitter is the most powerful.  And we are not talking about bots and fake accounts.  (Seriously, don’t buy followers. It’s the surest way to ruin any marketing strategy.)

 You need a strong, active, engaged audience of real people who connect with you on Twitter.  How do you do that?  After all, Twitter has 152 million daily active users.  Millions of tweets are coming out every day.  When there’s so much happening on the platform, it’s kind of hard to grow your audience.

 Luckily we’ve tested a ton of tactics to grow our Twitter followers and we’ve learned what you should try and what you should do (by looking at you, buying followers).

 1. Schedule a time for engagement

 As we mentioned above, Twitter is a conversational platform.  Twitter’s design and functionality is structured towards more conversations than any other platform.  You need to make time for engagement, whether it is to retweet, like or reply to the tweet.

 We recommend taking 5-10 minutes every day to connect with your community.  It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, but spend some time reacting to comments, thanking users for their retweets, retweeting other people’s conversations or responding to other tweets and engaging in their conversations  Are.

 If you’re worried about getting stuck in a Twitter black hole while getting entangled, then our next tip is for you!

 2. Use Twitter Lists to Attach

 Twitter lists are an underrated tool but if you embrace them, they can make it a lot more effective at engaging you on Twitter.  Twitter can be overwhelming, especially if you follow a lot of people.  It is easy to say that you are going to join Twitter for 10 minutes and before you know it, you have spent hours reading everyone’s tweets on Twitter (…. It is not that we are talking about experiences or anything  Huh).

 But if you use Twitter lists, you can easily split all your followers so that you can connect with just the right people on a regular basis.  You can create a Twitter list based on any specific group that matters to you.  Here are some list options:

1. Client customer

 2.The contestants

3. People who retweet you

4. The partners

5. News source

6. Influential person

7.The possibilities

8.Twitter chat participants or hosts

 When you create Twitter lists, you can easily ensure that you are engaging with the audience you want to engage with regularly.  For example, our customers and customers are our top priority so we engage with that list every single day.  Influencers and partners are no less of a priority for us so we only join them 2-3 times a week.  Competitors are among our lowest priority, but we still want to see what the competition is doing so we check that list from time to time.

 3. Join Twitter Chat

 Of all the options on this list, we think Twitter chat is the funniest way to grow your audience!  Twitter chats are like virtual meetups around specific topics.  Each Twitter chat will have its own hashtag and the host will ask questions and Twitter chat participants can share their answers, comment on other participants’ answers, and chat about the topic in general.

 Many hosts will host their Twitter chat on a regular, recurring basis, such as every week or month.  We recommend finding some Twitter chats you like to attend regularly so that you can get to know the host and other regular participants.

If you really want to grow your audience from Twitter chat, make sure you follow other participants and engage with them outside of the set Twitter chat time.  This is how you build those lasting relationships.  Twitter lists can really help with this!

 4. Tweet often

It is a no-brainer of sorts but it is worth adding here.  Unlike Facebook or Instagram, where you can get away with posting 1-2x a day, most tweets only last a few minutes on the timeline, so you have to increase your frequency to have a chance to see your message.

 There is no set number of tweets you post every day.  In fact, there seems to be some conflicting studies about what the exact number is.  We watched everything from tweeting to tweeting 50 times a day!

 You do not need to tweet 50 times a day but you should aim to tweet more than 10 times a day.  It is easy to use a scheduling tool like MeetEdgar to schedule a few tweets every day, so you can tweet your engagement time to something else.  It gives you a good balance of content and keeps you consistent.

 5. Curate Content and Tag Others

 We are going to give a quick lesson on how the Twitter algorithm works in 2021.  You don’t have to follow someone to see your tweet in your feed.  The first section of the Twitter algorithm is based on relevance and may include tweets from someone you are not following if it was from a user you followed or engaged.

 We often say that if you want to grow your audience, then focus on attracting your current audience and these next few tips are right.

 Content curation is a smart way to maintain a steady flow of content and if you tag the original creator or author of the content you have curated, you will increase the chance of liking or retweeting their tweet.  All of this makes your tweet more engaging and increases the likelihood that your tweet will appear on time to someone who does not follow you but follows the original creator.

 A little extra tip here: Make sure you’re engaging with other people who share your content.  Reply to their tweet, thanks for the share and like it.

 6. Tag people and start a conversation

If you are engaging with Twitter chat and actively engaging on Twitter, you can start your conversation with your followers.  A popular way to do this is to ask questions about your industry or niche or even just a fun icebreaker and then reply to your Twitter friends.  Threaded discussion will begin on this

 The trick to start a conversation is that you cannot do it without creating some goodwill.  If people have never interacted with you before, they will not immediately start answering questions.  It is important to build that rapport with other Twitter users so that they are familiar with you before asking you to join the conversation.

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