Just Dial Registration: How To Register Business On Just Dial?

 Just Dial is a name that you must have read sometime on the internet. These days it is in a lot of headlines because the country’s richest person Mukesh Ambani is investing in it and is about to buy a large part of the company. What If You Just Dial Yet? (What is Just Dial?) What are the benefits of Just Dial? How is Just Dial Registration done? (Just Dial Registration) If you do not know the answers to all these questions, then in this article you will get answers to many questions related to Just Dial.

Just Dial Registration: How To Register Business On Just Dial?

What is Just Dial? Just Dial

Just Dial is a website, but in India it is more than a website. Truth be told, this is a search engine that gives you online information about your business or business in many cities of India. Like you live in Indore of Madhya Pradesh and want to get married you need photographer , catering, tent, hotel, dharamshala etc. You can find the business providing all these services online on Just Dial.

There are many categories on Just Dial which are of great use to you. If you need the service of any kind of business, then you can search it by going to Just Dial and talk to them by taking their mobile number. After this, if you like their deal, then you can go ahead with them.

How does Just Dial work? How Just Dial Works?

Just Dial is a very old company. It is a telephone service that provides services to the customer through telephone. However, now you can also get information from its app and website. The working mode of Just Dial is quite simple. On this, different categories of business names of all cities of India have been registered. So that any person can search these businesses online and deal with these businesses according to their own.

For example, if you need a good photographer, then you can see the list of photographers in your city by selecting your city on Just Dial. After this, you can talk to them on the phone by taking their number from Just Dial. To bring any business on Just Dial, it has to be registered. Only after that that business is shown on Just Dial’s website and app.

Just Dial works as a business directory for you, in which you can see only the businesses in your city. This is a search engine on which you can first negotiate to buy any service, product etc.

Just Dial Category | Just Dial Category

जस्ट डायल पर काफी सारी कैटेगरी है जो बिजनेस की लगभग हर जरूरत को पूरा करती हैं. Air Ticket, Anything on Hire, Loans, Auto care, Automobile, Baby Care, Banquets, Bills and Recharge, Book Hotel, Books, Bus, Cabs and car rentals, Caterers, Chemist, Civil Contractors, Courier, Daily Needs, Dance and Music, Doctor, Education, Emergency, Event Organizer, Fitness, Flight, Foreign Exchange, Flowers, Home Decor, Home improvements, Hospitals, Housekeeping, industrial products, Insurance, Interior Designer, International SIM Cards, Internet, Jobs, Jewellery, Labs, Language Classes, Loan and Credit card, Medical, Modular Kitchen, On demand services, Packers and Movers, Party, Personal Care, Pest control, pet and pet care, play school, real estate, repairs, restaurants, shop online, security services, shopping, sports coach, sports goods, train, training institute, transporters, travel, wedding.

How to register on Just Dial?

If you want to bring your business on Just Dial, then you have to register for it (Just Dial Business Registration). Only after this you will be able to appear in the list of business on Just Dial. The complete process of how to register a business on Just Dial is given below.

First of all go to Play Store and download Just Dial App.
– Open the app.
– Go to Menu.
Click on List a business.
After this fill the details related to the business. Like company name, city, contact number, area, pincode etc.
Fill all these details and submit.
After 24 hours a message will come on your mobile in which you will be told that your business has been registered on Just Dial.

Just Dial Registration Plan

If you register your business on Just Dial, then you get to see two types of plans (Just Dial Registration Plan). There is a free plan in which you get free registration and the other is a paid plan, under which many types of plans have been made keeping in mind your budget.

Diamond Package

This is the most expensive package of Just Dial. If you take this plan, then the position of your business is shown at the top on Just Dial. This plan is available to only one type of organization in any kind of business category.

Gold Package

This is also given to bring the business to the top rank or lesser rank. This is available to only 10 to 20 business organizations of any one type of business category.

Silver package

This is the cheapest package of Just Dial and its number comes after Gold. This also happens only for 10 to 20 business organizations.

Just Dial Helpline Number

If you have to register your business on Just Dial, make any complaint, know about the plan, then have any problem then you can get complete information by calling Just Dial Helpline Number 8888888888.

What are the benefits of Just Dial?

Your coming to Just Dial can be beneficial. If you have your own business then you can increase the sales of your business by listing your business on Just Dial. This means that the speed of your business can increase by this

On the other hand, if you are searching a business for some work, then Just Dial is a very good website for that. On this you can talk by phone and after that you can make your purchase or booking.

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