Spam In English: What Is Spam, How To Avoid Spam?

 We all use the Internet on computers and smartphones. Different types of accounts are also created on this. Like mail id, facebook id, whatsapp etc. In all of these, many people are very upset with spam. Spam is a problem that can hack your account, empty your bank account, and steal your information. So if you do not know anything about Spam (What is Spam?), then you must know what is Spam? How does spam come about? What are the Types of Spam? How can you avoid spam?

Spam In English: What Is Spam, How To Avoid Spam?

What is Spam? SPAM in Hindi

If you use Email ID, then you must have seen that there are many mails in your inbox that you have nothing to do with. Meaning you don’t know anything about them. Who sent them, why? You do not know about these things. This type of mail is called spam. In simple words, we all call spam sent, uninvited emails in large quantities. Spam mails tempt you to shop, win the lottery or win a prize. You click on the link sent by them and are taken to the page they created. In this way you become their victim.

How does spam come about? How does spam works? 

There are many ways for spam to arrive. If you have a smartphone, then you can get spam messages and mails in your smartphone from many ways. As :

– A lot of mails can come on the email id which you do not know about the sender or which are computer generated.

– Promotion or sharing of a link is sent by anyone in the comment or inbox on Facebook. Doing this repeatedly is called spam.

– WhatsApp is also sharing such links. Which is called spam.

– On YouTube also users spam in the comments.

Whenever we access a website, that website sometimes asks for our details like our name, email id and mobile number. We also happily give all the information there. But to whom this data is going, we do not know. Later, on the basis of this data, companies send spam to promote themselves.

Why is spam sent? why is spam coming to my inbox?

Each person can have different motives behind sending spam. Like the companies that send spam mail, they send it for the promotion of their brand, product and company. Their motive is not wrong nor do they steal your information. They send you messages continuously at some time interval which is called spam. Because they are of no use to you.

Apart from companies, other spam that is sent is spam sent by hackers . In this you are given a lure. For example, to win the lottery of 10 crores, click on the given link. Many people click on that link as soon as they read this. And then go to some website. There their personal and bank details are taken from them. After which his entire account gets emptied in a few seconds.

Apart from these two things, spam is of no use in any other work. It is used either to promote or to entrap someone. If you don’t believe me, you may see hundreds of such messages in your email box. In which you must have given some kind of greed.

Types of Spam | Types of Spam

To identify spam, you should also know its types.

Bulk Massage

Sending messages to many people at once is also a type of spamming. Many companies and others use bulk messages for their promotion A link is often sent to you in bulk messages. Along with this some message is written in which you are lured. It is better if you neither get caught in such a trap. Because many people have got their account emptied due to these spam messages.

Click Bating 

You click on something on the Internet only when you understand whether it is of your use or not. Or he is different or not. Sometimes spam is based on this principle. An email is sent to you with a sensational or inflammatory headline in the email. Which forces you to click on it. Then as soon as you click you fall into their trap.

Spreading Malicious Link

Companies use spam mails and messages only to spread their propaganda, but many people also use it to put virus on your device. This is the easiest way to transmit the virus to any device. For this, you just need to have the mobile number or email id of the front. This type of spam puts your device at risk of being hacked.

sharing unwanted content

Unwanted content is shared in the comments on the posts of people who have more followers on social media. It can be a link, photo, advertisement of a wrong website. This type of content may reduce the value of the post.

How to avoid spam? How to prevent from spam? 

You understand a lot about spam. Now let’s talk about how you can avoid spam or avoid the damage caused by it.

Give your email address and your mobile number to any website on the Internet only if you have complete trust in it. Do not give such information at all by visiting any unknown site.

– Do not use your email address at all on any such blog or forum where people spam.

If there is a mail on your email that you do not know about, in which any lottery, prize etc. has been talked about and you have been asked to click. So do not click on such links at all. If possible, do not open such mail.

– If such mails are coming continuously on your email id, then you open that mail and click on unsubscribe button in it. Through this you can close these mails.

Instead of deleting spam mails, report them at any time. So that the company’s system can understand where these mails are coming from and how to block them.

Avoid clicking on any unknown links and photos on the Internet, this is the biggest way to avoid spamming. At no time should we come under any greed and give our phone number, email id and bank details on the internet at all. This can cause a great loss to us.

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