How To Get Bank Locker, What Are Bank Locker Rules?

 These days, RBI has made major changes in the rules of bank lockers, which will directly benefit those who take bank lockers. If you have taken a locker in a bank and have kept any of your valuables in it, then you must know the new RBI Bank Locker Rules. If you have not taken any locker in the bank yet and you want to take bank locker then you will get all the information about bank locker in this article. Here you will know how you can get a bank locker? What are the charges for bank locker? What are the rules of Bank Locker?

How To Get Bank Locker, What Are Bank Locker Rules?

What is Bank Locker? What is Bank Locker?

Bank locker is a type of locker which we call vault in common language. Just as there is a lock in a safe and the key is with its owner, so one can open it. The locker is in the same way. Whose key is with the owner of the locker and the bank. Lockers are generally used to keep valuables. Like property documents, jewellery, diamonds or any other valuable thing. Which is very important in your life. By the way, you can keep anything in your locker as per your convenience. But before keeping one thing keep in mind that for this you will have to pay a charge. And any person will charge on something only when it is valuable to him.

How to get bank locker? How to apply for bank locker? 

What is Bank Locker? You know this. Let us now know how you can get a bank locker. ( How to apply for bank locker Or you can take a small locker. You will have to pay the charges according to the locker you take. If you have made up your mind to take a bank locker, then first you have to go to the bank with some of your important documents like Aadhar card, PAN card, electricity bill etc. and apply for bank locker there. According to RBI, you can open an account without You can take a locker in any bank, but for your safety, the bank asks you to open the account so that you can be charged for the locker on time. Therefore, you may have to open an account in the bank where you have gone to get the locker. Just fill the form in the bank, open your account and pay the locker charges. You will be given a locker.

bank locker charge Bank Locker Charges

You also have to pay charges for getting a bank locker. But it is very important to know how much these charges can be. Banks determine the locker charges on many factors. like :

– Is the bank in the village, in the city or in any metro city.
– Is the bank private or government.
How big do you want to get the locker?
Which is the bank?

Bank locker charges depend on all these factors. If you live in a rural area and want to take a locker in a government bank, then you may have to pay 1500 to 2500 rupees annually. On the other hand, for big lockers, you may have to pay 10 thousand to 20 or 25 thousand rupees. In many banks, you may be charged more than this. So use the locker to keep such things which are really valuable.

Bank Locker Rules | RBI new bank locker rules 

You have come to know many things about Bank Locker. Let us now also know about its rule. Also, they also know what new rules RBI has brought for you.

Who will give money if it is stolen from the locker?

Suppose you kept jewelery in the bank’s locker and that jewelery was stolen, then who will compensate you for that loss. This question must be coming in your mind. So according to RBI rules , if there is a fire, theft or building collapse in the bank or fraud is committed by the employee of the bank, then the bank will compensate the loss in such a case. The bank may have to pay money up to 100 times the annual rent of the locker to the person taking the bank locker. But if the bank suffers due to natural calamities like earthquake, flood, lightning, storm and there is damage to your locker, then the bank will not make any compensation in this case.

What happens if the locker rent is not paid? 

You took the locker of the bank. Gave Locker Charge for one year. After this, when the next year came, you did not pay the charge nor surrender your locker, then in such a situation the bank can take action for not paying the rent of the locker for three consecutive years. In such a situation, the bank can open any locker following the proper procedure. If you are unable to pay the charges, you can surrender your bank locker at the end of the year. By doing this you will not have to pay any charge and you will take your goods yourself.

Who keeps the keys of the bank locker?

Bank locker has two keys. One of these keys is given to the person taking the bank locker and the other key is kept by the bank. If ever you lose the key of the bank locker, in such a situation, the bank gives you another key after taking a penalty from you.

Bank locker is a safe place. You can consider it as safe as it is a safe bank. But keep in mind one thing that if you have kept a very valuable thing and it gets stolen from the bank, then you will not be able to recover that much, that was the thing to win. So keep checking your bank locker from time to time. If possible, keep an account of your things as well, what items you have kept in the locker. Apart from this, no one other than you should be aware of the things kept in the locker. By doing this you can make your locker secure.

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