Who is Dimple Cheema? । Dimple Cheema Biography

 I know you all must have seen the movie ” SherShah “. In it you must have seen “ Kiara Advani ” in the role of Dimple Cheema ji He has acted very well. But do you know who is Dimple Cheema ji and what does she look like to Vikram Bhatra?

If you also want to know about all these things, then you must definitely read today’s article Dimple Cheema Biography. You got to know a lot in this.

“Either I will come by hoisting the tricolor,

Or I will come wrapped in the tricolor,

But I’ll definitely come back.”

Truly such was the youth of our country ” Captain Vikram Batra ” if you also heard something related to his fiance “Dimple Cheema” and want to know some unheard story, then stay with us.

Who is Dimple Cheema?

Dimple Cheema is actually the fiancee of Sahid Captain “ Vikram Batra ” who was martyred in the Kargil war. After the death of Vikram ji, Dimple ji decided not to marry for life.

By the way, Dimple ji had a date with Vikram ji for about 3 to 4 years, then they also got engaged with each other, before going to Kargil war. At the same time, after coming back from Kargil, both of them were going to get married together. But since Vikram ji could never come back, Dimple ji decided to remain a widow for life.

Biography in Hindi

Dimple Cheema ji was born in 1975 in Chandigad. There he also received his primary education. He has studied Bachelor of Arts (BA) from a well-known college. Later, he also joined Panjab University to get his MA (English) degree. But he had to call it off midway due to some family reasons.

It was here in Panjab University that he met Captain “Vikram Batra” for the first time. What was it then, both of them became good friends of each other, then they started meeting each other and their further story started moving forward.

Vikram Batra’s meeting with Dimple Cheema

The initial meeting of Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema took place in the year 1995 , at Punjab University Campus. Together, both of them were studying Master’s course in English at the university. The matter of Batra ji was different, he wanted to join the Indian Military Force from the beginning, so he left his studies here too. At the same time, he also joined the CDC test, which later led to his admission to the Indian Military Academy.

The story of Dimple Cheemas and Vikram Batra ji was different, both of them rarely got along with each other because most of the time Vikram lived on the border. But whenever he used to come home, he used to spend a lot of time with Dimple ji.

But fate had a different approval, both of them could never get married.

Dimple Cheema Photo

Who is Dimple Cheema? । Dimple Cheema Biography

Dimple Cheema Wikipedia

Full Name Dimple Cheema
Date of Birth 1975-1979
Age 42-46
Place of Birth Chandigarh, India
Profession Entrepreneur
Nationality Indian
Religion Sikhism
Caste Jatt
Education Graduate
School Punjab University
Height 5’5″
Weight 57Kg
Hair Colour Black
Language Punjabi, Hindi
Eye Colour Black

Is Dimple Cheema ji married?

No, Dimple Cheema ji is not married. The story behind this is also very unique, it was such that once Dimple ji asked Vikram to marry again and again. But at that time Vikram ji was preparing to go to Kargil. Therefore, to keep his word, he had filled Dimple ji’s demand with his blood, cutting off one of his fingers. To make them realize this, they will marry only and only him or else they will not.

At the same time, holding Dimple Cheema’s dupatta, he had also circumambulated the Mansa Devi temple, while according to him, he got married there. After this Dimple ji never married again.

Dimple Cheema Instagram

Dimple Cheema ji is not present on any social media platform. That’s why he neither has a Facebook account nor an Instagram profile. That’s why whoever claims that their instagram This is the handle , they are all liars.

Is Dimple Cheema ji alive?

Yes friends, Dimple Cheema ji is still alive. Although there is no information about his exact place of residence, but he still lives somewhere in Chandigad, according to sources. She currently lives with pride as the widow of Vikram ji.

Dimple Cheema interview

By the way, Dimple ji does not like much to come on TV channel. But he gave an interview in 2017 to “The Quint”, where he told people about his feelings. He said that not a single day has passed in his life when he has not remembered Vikram ji. They still feel that they still live with them around them.

He is deeply saddened that from whom will he listen to Vikram’s battle, every moment spent with him reminds him a lot of him. They want the youth of India to learn from Vikram ji, after all, who is called the death of Mother India.

Vikram ji also used to jokingly call him second love, and when asked who is the first love, he used to tell “Bharat Mata”. In truth, he is nothing less than a role model for the youth of the country. In the coming time, he wants more and more soldiers like Vikram to be born in India.

Dimple Cheema’s children

Since Dimple ji has never been married, she has no children.

What is Dimple Cheema doing now?

Talking about Dimple ji, she now teaches in a school. He has decided never to marry again.

Where was Dimple Cheema ji born?

Dimple Cheema ji was born in 1975.

Has Dimple Cheema ji ever married?

No, Dimple Cheema ji has never married. She has vowed to remain the widow of Vikram ji for life.

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