Dol Gyaras Vaman Jayanti Significance Story Worship 2021

 Dol Gyaras or Vaman Jayanti 2021 date, importance, Puja Vidhi, Katha In Hindi

Gyaras or Ekadashi fasting has a lot of importance in Hindu fasting. It is said that the end of life is the hardest. Ekadashi fast is observed to improve it. One of them is Dol Gyaras.

Dol Gyaras Vaman Jayanti Significance Story Worship 2021

When is Dol Gyaras or Parvarti Ekadashi or Vaman Jayanti celebrated in 2021? (Dol Gyaras or Vaman Jayanti Date )

This Gyaras is celebrated on the eleventh day of Bhado Shukla Paksha. In this year 2021, Dol Gyaras Varivarti Ekadashi Vaman Jayanti will be celebrated on 17th September. Big celebrations are celebrated on this day. Tables are presented. At night, with the whole family, everyone goes to the cities to watch the dolls.

Dol Gyaras Mahtva:

Its importance was told by Shri Krishna to Yudhishthira. Ekadashi Vrat comes in the greatest fast, in that too this Gyaras is counted as Big Gyaras.

  1. Due to its effect, all sorrows are destroyed, this Gyaras, which destroys all sins, is also called Varivarti Gyaras, Vaman Gyaras and Jayanti Ekadashi.
  2. Everyone gets saved only by listening to its story.
  3. The worship of Dol Gyaras and the virtue of fasting is considered equivalent to the Vajapeya Yagya, the Horse Megha Yagya.
  4. Lord Vishnu and child Krishna are worshiped on this day, due to whose effect a person gets the merit of all the fasts.
  5. On this day, Vamana Dev, an incarnation of Vishnu, is worshipped, worshiping him gives the fruits of Tridev worship.

Dol Gyaras Katha: Vaman Jayanti is celebrated on this day (Dol Gyaras/ Vaman Jayanti story)

Why is it called Varivarti and Vamana Gyaras?

This question was asked by Yudhishthira to Shri Krishna, in response to which Shri Krishna said – On this day Lord Vishnu changes his side while sleeping on his bed, hence it is called Varivarti Gyaras.

On this day, the demon Bali , who was a godly demon king, had established his ownership in all the three worlds. Lord Vishnu had donated everything to him in the form of Vamana and, pleased with his devotion, handed over one of his idols to King Bali. Thus it is called Vamana Jayanti.

Another story is told in the celebration of Dol Gyaras:

The child form of Lord Krishna was worshiped on this day i.e. sun worship. On this day, Mother Yashoda took her Krishna to see the sun god, dressed him in new clothes and purified him and included him in religious works. Thus it is also called Dol Gyaras.

There was a celebration in Gokul due to the arrival of Lord Krishna on this day. Similarly, fairs and tableaux are organized on this day till date. Mother Yashoda’s lap is filled. Tableaus are decorated by placing Lord Krishna in a dola. Fairs and theatrical plays are also organized at many places.

Dol Gyaras Vrat Puja Vidhi:

On this day everyone keeps worship and fast according to their beliefs. The importance of fasting of Gyaras is highest in Hindu religion and in this too, more importance is given to the Gyaras coming in the fourth quarter.

  • Lord Vishnu is worshiped on the day of Dol Gyaras.
  • Donation of rice, curd and silver is considered best on this day.
  • This fast is completed with full celebration by chanting.
  • A person gets freedom from sins just by listening to its story.
  • A religious person gets salvation by the effect of this fast.
  • Doles are prepared for Lord Krishna by adorning his hair.
  • It is considered special to observe this Gyaras fast to get the fruits of Janmashtami fasta .
  • In this fast, more care is taken of cleanliness.

Dol Gyaras Celebration–

  • Dol Gyaras is mainly celebrated in Madhya Pradesh and North India. On this day the idol of Lord Krishna is decorated in a dole from the temples and taken to the city tour and boat to Bihar.
  • It is said that for the first time in the form of a child, Krishna ji went out for a city tour with mother Yashoda and father Nanda on this day.
  • Dola is decorated in a very beautiful grand form like a tableau. Then with a big procession, their journey goes out in the whole city with drums, dances and songs. Prasad is distributed throughout the city.
  • In the place where holy rivers like Narmada, Ganga, Yamuna etc. live, Krishna ji is carried around in a boat.
  • The boat is decorated in the form of a tableau and then this tableau goes to every ghat of that place and gives darshan of Krishna and distributes the prasad. There is a gathering of people in Ghat Ghat to see this panoramic view of Krishna.
  • In the villages of Madhya Pradesh, there is a lot of celebration of this festival, fairs are organized near the ghats, which people go from far and wide to see. There is a crowd of boats in the entire river, everyone enjoys the boat Bihar.
  • After 3-4 hours of tableau, Krishna ji is brought back to the temple and installed.

Dol Gyaras Vaman Jayanti Poem and SMS:

  1. Ekadashi are super fast Legislative man regeneration of life being the turn changed name found Priwartni full knowledge of such Dole Gyars =======================

  2. Mother Yashoda came to the house of Nand Lal Gokul to celebrate the drums of the festival, we all wait for such a holy day, every time there are beautiful decorated drums ======================= =======

  3. By holding the form of Vamana, the upliftment of the sacrifice changed the earth in the form of a shield child, the upliftment of Yashoda mother, salutations to such Lord Vishnu.

In this way, the importance of Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada is considered very much in Hindu religion. Humans observe Ekadashi fast for freedom from sins and a happy ending. On the day of Ekadashi, the positions of the planets have changed, due to which there are impractical changes in humans, the importance of Ekadashi in Hindu religion emerges only to reduce the effect of such changes. Scientific reasons are hidden behind all the worship and fasting, which are called If you follow them knowingly, then religious faith increases.

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