Para-Badminton Player Palak Kohli Biography | Palak Kohli Biography in Hindi

 Palak Kohli Biography | Para Badminton Athlete Palak Kohli Biography In Hindi 

Para-Badminton Player Palak Kohli Biography | Palak Kohli Biography in Hindi

India’s 19-year-old Palak Kohli is the country’s hopeful of a medal at the Tokyo Paralympics. Palak is the only Indian badminton player to qualify in three categories in the Games. Palak has made it to the Paralympics because of her commitment and dedication. Salute to the enthusiasm, passion and spirit of this player. Palak was handicapped since childhood. But never gave up in life. Palak, who is ranked sixth in the world rankings, dreams of winning a gold medal in the Paralympics.

Palak says, ‘If someone sees me for the first time, the first thing he asks is what happened to your hand? I tell him that since childhood. When I was a child, I did not understand the meaning of ‘I have since childhood’. But I want to tell the world that I never thought that I would make any sport my profession. Wherever she went, everyone used to say that the game is not under your control. But I never kept that thing in my mind and started playing. Let us tell you that Palak saw many ups and downs in his life of 18 years but he did not compromise with the game. The bus went on to play and today the eyes of the whole country are on the eyelids at the Tokyo Paralympics.

Biography of Para-Badminton Player Palak Kohli | Palak Kohli Biography in Hindi

Name Palak Kohli
Surname Eyelid
Birth 12 August 2002
Ages 19 years, (as of 2021)
birth place Jalandhar, Punjab
the nationality Indian
hometown Jalandhar, Punjab
Play para-badminton
coach Gaurav Khanna

Para-Badminton Player Palak Kohli Career | Palak Kohli Career

With four international medals in her early career, athlete Palak Kohli has already carved a niche for herself among her peers. 5 in the Badminton World Federation women’s doubles world rankings, she and her partner Parul Parmar are inside the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic qualifying cut. The duo won the women’s doubles title at the Uganda Para International tournament last year, before taking silver at the Peru Para-Badminton International in one of the two tournaments they competed in 2020.

In April 2021, she (and Mansi Joshi) both won silver medals in their respective singles categories at the World Para-Badminton Championships in Dubai. She was defeated by Megan Hollander in the SU3 final.

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