Soldier GD Salary: How To Join Army After 10th?

 Every youth has the zeal to serve the country. That’s why many young people want to serve the country by joining the Indian Army. Joining the Indian Army is like a dream because reaching here is a big deal. If you want to join Indian Army and have studied till 10th. So in this article you will know how to join Indian Army after 10th? What are the qualifications required to join Indian Army (after 10th join Indian army)?

Soldier GD Salary: How To Join Army After 10th?

After 10th Indian Army कैसे Join करें?

You can join Indian Army only by passing 10th. But by doing this you cannot get a big post in the Indian Army. You will be recruited as a soldier and you will have to fulfill the responsibility you will get. After 10th you can apply for the post of Soldier General Duty called Soldier GD and Soldier Tradesman. After 10th both these posts are open for you. To apply for these posts, you have to participate in the rally organized by the Indian Army. You will get information about when it is held on the website of Indian Army.

Soldier (General Duty) | Soldier GD Rally

Soldiers who we call as soldiers (Soldier gd meaning) are like the backbone in the Indian Army. There are two types of categories in this. The Soldier coming in these can either choose Arms or can choose Services (Soldier GD Work). In Arms, he can serve as Infantry, Artillery, Armed Corps, Engineering, Army Air Defense, Driver, Operator, Gunner. Apart from Arms if you choose Services then you can be enrolled in Army Service Corps, Army Ordnance Corps, Army Medical Corps.

Soldier GD Qualification | Soldier GD Eligibility

To apply for the post of Soldier GD, you should have the following qualifications.

Your age (Soldier GD age limit) should be at least 17 years 6 months and maximum 21 years.
You have passed 10th. You should have at least 45 percent in 10th. You must have at least 33 percent marks in each subject.
You must be medically fit as well as physically fit.
– Your color vision should be CP III.
Your eyesight should be 6/6.
You also have to meet the height criteria. In central India it has been asked for at least 168 cm. However, it differs from region to region.

Soldier Tradesmen | Soldier Tradesman Rally

Another option to join Indian Army after 10th is Soldier Tradesmen Recruitment. Before getting admitted in this, you should understand what tradesmen are and what their work is. At any office or headquarters of the Indian Army, you must have seen that every work is done by the soldiers of the Indian Army. Be it cooking, cleaning, pressing clothes or repairing a car. Every work is done by a soldier. This work is not done to any other person who does not belong to the army. So in every type of army institute some support staff is required. Who are called tradesmen in the army.

Soldier Tradesmen includes Chef, Dresser, Animal Store Holders, Ferriar, Manager, Musician, Washer Man, Mess Keeper, House Keeper, Artisan (Wood), Artisan (Painter), Artisan (Taylor), Artisan (Metallurgy), Kennel Men, Recruitment is done for the posts of Equipment Repair.

Soldier Tradesman Qualification | Soldier Tradesman Eligibility

Following are the qualification to apply for these posts:
– Your age should be between 17 years 6 months to 23 years.
You must have passed at least 10th. Or you have done 8th pass and ITI in a particular trade.
You must be medically and physically fit.
The vision of your eyes should be correct and you should not have bone-related disease beforehand.
The size of your chest should be at least 77 cm and should be expanded by 5 cm.
Your ability to see and hear should be good.

Soldier GD & Tradesman Salary | Soldier GD and Tradesman Salary

After 10th you will get job in both these posts and become a central government employee. After this, you will also get salary from the same pay scale from which a central employee gets salary. At present, the average salary of Soldier GD and Tradesman is 25 to 30 thousand rupees per month.

Is it right to join army after 10th? Career Growth of Soldier GD and tradesman? 

It is right to join the army after 10th or not, it decides on what you want. You can join the army after 12th, even after graduation. If you want to join the army as a senior officer, then you should not join the army after 10th. Rather first you should complete your studies. Then one should prepare for recruitment and then join the army. By doing this, you will also get a high position and you will also get a good salary.

If you do not want to study much and want a good job quickly. Apart from this, you are medically and physically fit, if you like to work hard, then you can do a job after 10th. This job gives you an opportunity to earn 25 to 30 thousand rupees per month at the age of 17.5 years. So you can join it. But if you are good in studies, then first complete your studies, after that think about joining the army.

Serving the country by joining the army is a good thing, but first we should prepare ourselves for this. Getting an army job even after 10th is not an easy task. In this, you have to first face the running test, then the physical test, then the exam and then the medical test. The applicant who passes in all these is selected as a soldier in the army.

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