Speech on Teacher’s Day | Shayari on Teacher’s Day | History of teachers day

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Teacher’s Day 2021: Teacher’s Day means teachers’ day, this is the day when students everywhere show respect to their guru, giving him the respect he deserves. By the way, the teacher is not interested in any day to get respect, but due to having a special day, he gets some special respect on that day and the students also get to know the glory of their guru.

Speech on Teacher's Day | Shayari on Teacher's Day | history of teachers day

Teacher is very important in human life. Because it is only through the teacher that a person gets knowledge. Due to which a person gets an identity in the society. That is why the teacher is considered higher than God. That is why a line composed by Sant Kabir, the author of Hindi poetry, is quite popular.

Guru Gobind dou standing, Kake Lagoon Paye.
Balihari Guru tell your Govinda Diyo.

Name teacher’s Day
key person Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
type National holiday
When was Teacher’s Day celebrated for the first time? 1962

What is Teacher’s Day ?

A good teacher contributes more to shaping a person’s life than his parents. In the culture of our country, the teacher is given a place above God. The guidance and help of a good Guru matters a lot in achieving the goal of one’s life.

Every successful person always remembers the role of the builder played by his guru during his school-college days, the work of the teacher cannot be summed up in the words of thanks. While making the life of the students better, the guru works with utmost sincerity, apart from studies, teachers also take care of the students in other extra-curricular activities. The student is dependent on his teacher for guidance and guidance in every aspect of his life; And a good teacher never disappoints his disciple.

Therefore, the teacher plays an important role in the life of every student, so its respect is very important. The student who does not respect his teacher is unaware of the importance of his teacher and regrets it in future.

Why do we celebrate Teacher’s Day on 5th September?

Teacher’s Day in India is celebrated on 5th September to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was a renowned scholar, recipient of Bharat Ratna, first Vice President and second President of independent India. He was born on September 5, 1888. As an educationist, he was a teacher, and he was a great teacher, educationist, and a great teacher. As the common saying goes, the future of a country lies in the hands of its children and teachers, as mentors, students can be molded into future leaders who shape the destiny of India. They play an important role in our life to be successful in career and business. They help us to become a good human being, a better member of the society and an ideal citizen of the country. Teacher’s Day is celebrated to acknowledge the challenges, difficulties and special role we face in our lives.

How did the celebration of Teacher’s Day begin?

When Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan became the President of India (1962–1967), some of his students and friends requested him to let him celebrate his birthday on 5 September. He replied, “Instead of celebrating my birthday, if 5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day, it would be my proud privilege.” Since then, the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on 5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India. On this day, students will organize special programs in schools and colleges to pay respect to their teachers. In some schools, students in senior classes take on the responsibility of teaching junior classes to show their appreciation for the teachers.

importance of teachers day

Teacher’s Day is an event for which students and teachers alike look forward. Teacher’s Day is important for students as it gives them an opportunity to try their teachers to ensure that they get proper education. Similarly, teachers also look forward to the Teacher’s Day celebrations as their efforts are recognized and honored by the students and other agencies. Teachers should be respected and respected. In India, National Teacher Awards are given to meritorious teachers by the President of India, on the eve of Teachers’ Day, i.e. on 5th September. The awards are awarded as a form of public gratitude to commendable teachers working in primary schools, middle schools and secondary schools.

How is Teacher’s Day celebrated?

Teacher’s Day means Teacher’s Day, on this day various programs are organized in the honor of teachers in various schools and colleges. On this day there are holidays of educational institutions, and various programs are organized by the students in the schools in honor of the teachers, they give various gifts to their teachers. Although the relationship of Guru-disciple shares a discipline and respect, but on this day, by removing the difference between them, the disciple sells every emotion of his mind in respect of his teacher and makes his teacher feel special.

couplets and their meanings on teachers day 

Guru Gobind dou standing, Kake Lagoon Paye.
Balihari Guru tell your Govinda Diyo.

Meaning – In this popular couplet, the great poet Kabir Das ji says that when both the Guru and God are standing in front of you, then whom will you bow first to? It is the Guru who paves the way for you to reach God, that is, the Guru is great and you should worship your Guru first.

Wet soil is unkempt, know us Guruvar,
illuminate the knowledge, you are capable and strong.

Meaning – In this couplet, the poet says that O Guru, you prepare us for the future by knowing us like raw soil. You are the only person who can ignite the lamp of knowledge in us by imagining our merits and demerits.

The disciple is the one who learns, the knowledge of the guru is indefatigable, the
devotional spirit is kept in the mind, and walks unhindered.

Meaning:- In this couplet, the poet says that the disciple is the one who acquires the knowledge given by the guru within himself and keeps on keeping faith in his mind towards his guru and moves forward on his path of action.

speech on teachers day 

First of all, when you come on stage for your speech, first of all, the president of the program, then the chief guest and then all the guests on the stage should congratulate. Then because this speech is on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, then you should also congratulate all your teachers, then you have to congratulate your listeners also. Now you should further write the role of your speech that why this day is celebrated, how it is celebrated. Introduce the special person in whose memory it is celebrated and count their achievements. After this, you can attract the attention of the audience with your own poem or any other composition. Now you can talk about your favorite teacher and share your thoughts with him. If you tell about the changes brought by the Guru in your life from some incident with you, then you will be able to bind yourself with the audience.

In this way, in the end, you should thank everyone and apologize for your mistakes and take your place. But when you are on the stage for the speech, don’t be afraid, when you put your words in the audience with full enthusiasm and courage without fear, then your speech looks more attractive.

Poem on Teacher’s Day – Teachers Day Kavita in Hindi

The importance of the guru will never be less, no
matter how much progress we make,
although we have all kinds of knowledge on the internet,
but it does
not recognize good and bad, I do not know how to say thank you,
just need your blessings every moment,
where I am Today I am a big contribution in that,
all of you who have given me so much knowledge,
you have made me worthy,
that I should achieve my goal you have given me
support all the time,
whenever I feel that I have lost, I support
you all from my heart. Respect,
my heartfelt thanks to all of you.

I wish all of you teachers a very Happy Teacher’s Day.

priceless words on teachers day

Those who fail and fall down are actually educated.

Because when they make their way back, they don’t have inner fear.


Guru is not the only one who teaches us in class.

Rather, every person from whom we learn is our teacher.


This is the biggest difference between literate and educated.

that the literate has only bookish knowledge

But an educated person knows good, bad, right, wrong, good deeds, misdeeds.

There is knowledge of every subject.


A teacher is the person after the parents.

One who reads the mind of children.


The role of a teacher is definitely in the foundation of everyone’s success.

It is impossible to reach any height without inspiration.


Teachers themselves never reach heights.

But only the teachers make those who reach the heights.


A teacher gives bookish knowledge.

Let me explain you in detail..

One shows himself by doing the work..

And one shows you the way and leaves you to follow it..

So that you can create your own independent personality.

This last quality teacher always stays within you as inspiration.

Who takes care of you in every situation..

encourages you.

When is Teacher’s Day celebrated in different countries of the world

Country  when is it celebrated 
Bangladesh 5 October
Australia last friday of october
china 10 september
Germany 5 October
Greece 30 January
Malaysia May 16
Pakistan 5 October
Sri Lanka 6 October
UK 5 October
USA National Teacher’s Week is celebrated in the first week of May.
Iran May 2

Teacher’s Day Shayari 2021

Made identity anonymity was in the dark
world of gum have remained unknown to me
he was a kind teacher gave me a
made man ||


Without guru there is no knowledge, without a guru there is life,
without a guru neither Ram nor the secret
of truth is found.


Today on Teachers Day, we want to tell you that
the way you teach us… take
care of
us … love us…
that makes you the best teacher in the world.
happy teachers day 2021


The teacher is the image of a lamp, the one
burns, does not keep the sun to others, he has no desire,
only the success of the disciple is the fight of happiness.


Literates make us, explain what life is.
When we fall, we only increase our courage by giving up.
Only such great people are teachers – who are called gurus.


In the crowd, only a guru should show himself, the one
who gives the dream of life at every
step, the
life environment decorated with the guru itself.


Without a guru, life would have been
on the head, only when the hand of the guru
makes the right shape of life, the
guru is the basis of successful life.

happy teachers day 2021 

Thank you for teaching me to read and write Thank you for teaching
me to recognize right and wrong Thank you for giving
me the courage to dream big and kiss the sky Thank you for being
my friend, mentor and light


Never give up in life, never
run away from struggles,
face troubles boldly,
you do, it is you who teach us to walk on the path of truth.


As much as life is decorated with the love of parents, it smells as
much as with the blessings of the guru
, the number of parents in the welfare of society, the more special
the country is due to the guru.


 When is World Teacher’s Day celebrated?

World Teachers Day is celebrated on 5 October, on this day 21 countries of the world celebrate it with great pomp.

When is Teacher’s Day celebrated in India?

5 september

When was Teacher’s Day celebrated for the first time in India?


Who established Teacher’s Day in India?

Congress Party

In whose memory Teacher’s Day is celebrated in India?

Teacher’s Day in India is celebrated on the occasion of the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan, former Vice President of India.

When is National Teacher’s Day celebrated?

National Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year on 5th September.

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