What is Swayam Prabha (Free Online Course) Scheme 2021| Swayam Free Online Course Scheme Yojana in Hindi

 Self Prabha (Free online course) scheme is what [registration / registration , login] Swayam Prabha Scheme in Hindi [Free Online Courses, Teachers Training, Login, Registration, DTH Channel List]

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has started a new scheme for the students. With this scheme, the government will provide online education to the students for free. The government’s new initiative  self’ (SWAYAM), it went up to help in their studies every student in the country. You can read about any topic by visiting your own website. Not only this, apart from free online education, you will also be able to study through your own 32 DTH channels, which will be free channels. Under this scheme, from school students to college students will be helped. More than 1,000 teachers from across the country have contributed in preparing these courses.

What is Swayam Prabha (Free Online Course) Scheme 2021| Swayam Free Online Course Scheme Yojana in Hindi

The Ministry of Human Resource Development and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) have developed their own website with the help of Microsoft. Not only this itself is capable of hosting a total of 2000 courses. All the students from class 9th to post-graduation can go and watch videos related to any of their subjects.

Information about the launch of Swayam Free Online Courses Scheme (Swayam Free Online Courses Scheme Launched Details)

No. NS. Information Points Scheme Information
1. Scheme Name Swayam Free Plan [Online Scheme]
2. Launched By Prime Minister Narendra Modi by
3. Launch of the scheme 2017
4. Scheme Announcement 2016
5. Scheme Supervisor human resource development ministry

Swayam Scheme – Objective

  • The main objective of this scheme is to provide good education to the students of economically weaker sections and students from backward sections of society. With the help of self, these students will be able to get good education without any fear of cost.
  • There are still many students who have not been able to join the digital revolution. In such a situation, with the advent of this scheme, these students will be able to connect with facilities like computer and net.
  • With the help of Swayam, students living in remote parts of the country can be helped in their studies. Students who do not have good means to get education. The scheme itself will prove to be very beneficial for them.
  • The biggest objective of the self is to provide education to every student of the country by good teachers of the country. No matter where the student is in any corner of the country, good education can be given to him for free through this scheme.

How will the syllabus be prepared?

The self taught curriculum will be designed by NPTEL, UGC, CEC, NCORT and NIOS, IGNOU, IIMB. All these will have to prepare a good curriculum for the students on the topic divided among these seven. Where NPTEL will work on the subject related to engineering. UGC for postgraduate education, CEC for undergraduate education, NCERT and NIOS for school education, IGNOU for school students and IIMB for management studies. (IIMB) will prepare the syllabus. The courses prepared by them can be read online and through TV.

Facility provided under SWAYAM scheme

  1. Video Lectures- You will find lectures related to many topics on your own website. If you do not understand something in any subject, then you can clear your doubts with the help of these lectures.
  2. There is also the option of download  Apart from the video lectures, you will also get the study material on your own website. Which you can download and read whenever you want. These study material would have been prepared by the best teachers of the country.
  3. Self Assessment Test- After going through and reading the lectures and study material thoroughly , you will have to give a self assessment test. Through this test given online, you will know what you have understood and what you have not.
  4.  You will be able to ask your questions online- If you do not understand something or have any doubts in your mind about something, then you can discuss it online with the teachers.
  5. Under this scheme, the concerned ministry and the central government have started a free web portal to provide free courses to the students. This vast open online courses have been developed with an aim to cover a wide range of topics.
  6. This free web portal is offering at least 500 different courses to the students. To make this scheme more spacious, the Ministry of Human Resource Development is also planning to start a new web portal very soon.
  7. The special feature of this scheme is that if you are not satisfied with the lessons covered in the classes of schools, colleges and universities or you need additional help, then you can register in this online portal. It is possible for students to apply for any subject or courses under this.
  8. If a student has any problem in any of his subjects, then he can immediately register in it and get immediate help for the same subject or course. This webportal can be considered as additional support at the academic level.
  9. The SWAYAM platform, developed by MHRD and AICTE with the help of Microsoft, provides 2000 courses and 80000 hours of learning across various streams. This includes engineering, law, post-graduate and under-graduate courses and some other professional courses.
  10. This scheme has been implemented through the IT platform, in which all the courses will be provided online. And also it can be accessed anytime and anywhere from class 9th to post graduate classes.
  11. It is a digital technology that enables students who are unable to attend classes to learn from good teachers. Online courses also provide an interactive learning experience through which students in remote parts of the country can be availed by the teachers.

Eligibility Criteria for Swayam Free Online Courses Scheme

To get registered under this scheme you need to follow the following eligibility criteria.

  • To take advantage of the assistance available under this scheme, it is most important that the student applying should be a native of India.
  • This scheme will help you in covering only those subjects which are already part of the course and which are taught till class 9th.
  • This web portal is used for seeking assistance for any course covering graduate, post-graduate or under-graduate level courses in schools, junior – senior colleges and universities.
  • To register in this scheme, it has also been ensured that the student is studying in class 9th or above.

Registration for Certificate will have to be done

Through SWAYAM, the learners will be given education free of cost. However, if a student wants to take the certificate, he/she will have to register himself/herself on his/her own website. Along with this, a small fee will also be charged from that student. At the end of each course the students will be assessed through an examination and the marks/grades secured in the examination will be transferred to the academic record of the students. A certificate will also be given to that student on successful completion of the course.

Official Website for Swayam Free Online Courses Scheme (Swayam Free Online Courses Scheme Official Website)  

  • If you are thinking of getting registered in this scheme then you can logon to your own  official website .
  • As soon as you visit this website, you will see “Ministry of Human Resource Development – ​​MHRD” written on the top left hand side of your screen.
  • You can see the AICTE logo just below it. If both these things are given and you have clicked on it then you will reach the correct self page.

How to register and login (SWAYAM Scheme Registration Process Login in hindi)

To get yourself registered on yourself, you have to do the following things-

Step 1: The applicant has to go to the website https://swayam.gov.in, which is its own official website, to get himself registered under this scheme.

Step 2: After visiting the website, the applicant will see a button on the top corner of the right hand side, on which “Register” will be written, which the applicant has to press.

Step 3: After pressing the button a new page will open, in which a “Sign Up” button will appear, by clicking on which the form has to be opened.

Step 4:  After which a form will be asked to fill. After filling the form you have to click on submit button. Once the form is submitted, you will be successfully registered. After which you will be able to read videos and study material related to any subject.  

The scheme itself is also related to TV –

Apart from online, you can also take advantage of the scheme yourself through TV. In DD Free Dish or Dish Tv you can watch Prabha channels for free. Every day new lectures will come on these channels for four hours. These lectures would have been prepared by the best teachers of the country.

List of 32 channels of Swayam Scheme

  • This web portal will offer free online courses to the students in 2 different parts based on the courses opted by them.
  • If a student is pursuing engineering, it has been decided that NPTEL will provide them with course support and other resources. This is one of the leading undertakings initiated by NPTEL, Government, in which full focus will be on educating the students seeking admission in various fields in engineering branch.
  • If a student registers for any of the UGC courses or CEC courses for undergraduates, it has been decided that they will be provided with course support and other resources to study from professional teachers by the UGC or CEC department.
  • It is applicable for any student who is studying in school for NIOS or NCERT education. They will be offered all possible help from teachers and professionals by NIOS or NCERT department.
  • Apart from this, you also need to keep in mind that this web portal offers many courses which are currently offered by IGNOU.
channel 01  CEC/UGC  Humanities-1, Language and Literature.
   CEC/UGC  Man-2, Art, History, Philosophy and related subjects.
   CEC/UGC  Social Science-1, Social Science, Political Science and Related Subjects
   CEC/UGC  Social Science – 2, Education, Psychology, Home Science and Related Subjects
   CEC/UGC  Social Science – 3, Management, Library Science, Information Science and Related Subjects
   CEC/UGC  Social Science – 4, Law, Legal Studies, Human Rights and Related Subjects
   CEC/UGC  Economics, Commerce and Finance
channel 08  CEC/UGC  Physics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and related subjects
channel 9  CEC/UGC  Life Sciences, Botany, Zoology, Bio-Sciences and Related Subjects
channel 10  CEC/UGC  Applied Sciences, Allied Physical and Chemical Sciences and Related Subjects
channel 11  NPTEL  chemical engineering, chemistry and related subjects
channel 12  NPTEL  civil engineering and related subjects
channel 13  NPTEL  computer science and engineering
channel 14  NPTEL  Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and related disciplines
channel 15  NPTEL  General subjects related to engineering science and engineering
channel 16  NPTEL  Humanities, Social Sciences and Management
channel 17  NPTEL  Mechanical Engineering and related subjects
channel 18  NPTEL  Mathematics, Physics, Metallurgy and related subjects
channel 19  IIT Pal  the biology
channel 20  IIT Pal  chemicals
channel 21  IIT Pal  mathematics
channel 22  IIT Pal  physics
channel 23   IGNOU  Free Art and Mankind
channel 24  IGNOU  Agricultural, Vocational and Allied Sciences
channel 25  IGNOU  Culture
channel 26  IGNOU  State Open University Program
channel 27  NIOS  secondary school education
channel 28  NIOS  Higher Secondary School Education
channel 29  QEE  QEE 1 (Live Classes in Engineering and Technology)
channel 30  NPTEL  mathematics
channel 31  N c E r T  School And Teacher Education
 channel 32  IGNOU and NIOS  teacher education 

Swayam Free Online Courses Scheme Implementation

There are several stages of implementation of this plan. The Ministry of Human Resource Development is trying to make the best of it, so that any issue in its implementation phase can be addressed expeditiously and methodically. They say that as soon as students enroll in this portal, they can start their studies. Different learning materials like lessons, videos and other projects will be available to study in this portal.

Professors from Delhi and other reputed universities will conduct classes to ensure that the study material and classes are being organized properly. In this way this program will achieve its objective. For this, you will also have to complete many assignments given by the professor. You can also apply for getting a certificate for the same course after successfully completing a course. So that you can use that certificate to take admission in any further job.

App for Swayam Free Online Course Scheme (Swayam Free Online App)

An app has also been created for this plan, which you can download on your smart phone from Google Play Store. You can also use this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gov.swayam.app&hl=en to download it. This app can only be downloaded on Android   phones right now .

According to this scheme, the government also wants to bring students to the digital platform, and at the same time wants to reach education to the students who are deprived of education. So that all the students of the country can be educated. With the help of this scheme, students will no longer need to take tuitions, which will save them a lot of money. Not only this, students will be able to use this money to get admission in good colleges. At the same time, with this scheme, good teachers of the country will be connected with every student of the country. These teachers will be able to give a great education to the students.

Recently a council meeting of IITs was held in New Delhi. This meeting was organized under the Human Resource Development Department of the Centre. The meeting was supervised by Union Minister Prakash Javadekar and he announced that IIT-PAL will be released soon, which will include those candidates who are eligible to appear in JEE exam. This program helps JEE aspirants to prepare for the final exam. This assistance will be available on the portal itself. Along with this, some other decisions related to the development of IITs and engineering institutes have also been taken in this meeting.    

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