(2021) Anchoring script for wedding Mahila Sangeet

 Anchoring script for song or dance performance, Ladies Sangeet or engagement or ring ceremony Shayari and Songs in Hindi )

Whether the celebration is of marriage or any other, but the union settles only when its operation keeps everyone tied. The host of any show is the reason for the success and failure of the show. Women’s music scripts have been written, so that you can use it to write your script.

(2021) Anchoring script for wedding Mahila Sangeet

You can write your own script to conduct any function, you just need to keep some things in mind –

  1. If you are the host then your voice should be heard very clearly. Make sure to check the mic for this.
  2. Your script should be written in such a way that you can engage the audience with you.
  3. Always keep in mind that the script is not to be made in such a way that it should be confined only to the special people of the family, in such a situation, the guests sitting in front are not able to become a part of the gathering.
  4. While writing the script, take the names of the people on both sides of the bride and groom who are going to perform. And keep his introduction in a few lines by writing it with you.
  5. Also take the names of those family members who are elders or respectable. And get them to meet everyone with some good lines.
  6. Also take the names of those family members from whom you can make fun of.
  7. The script should always revolve around the family, which should have some good jokes along with soulful talk.
  8. Although the use of English language is common nowadays, but you should take its decision according to the nature of the people sitting in front. As we all know English is a common thing nowadays, but it is not very common till now in the elderly and small towns. You must have noticed that the award shows of TV and film industry are also hosted in Hindi, because they have to connect most of the people of the country.
  9. You have to choose other things like songs and dance style etc. according to your theme. But if there are no themes, then you are given some suggestions below.
  10. These are scripts made on all poems, but you can also make scripts in your own style. Just keep in mind that you have to keep the mind of the audience. The main job of the host is to keep the audience engaged, for which it is necessary that you also make them a part of the function. Go on stage or in the middle and talk to them.
  11. If you do anchoring by roaming everywhere, then everyone’s attention will easily be drawn towards you.
  12. Use jokes too, but choose jokes according to the family.
  13. You can also collect many family related questions. Whose answers you ask from the people related to them. Keep in mind whether the question is emotional or full of laughter, do not ask questions related to personal life.
  14. You can do everything that will make the gathering come in contact with you and make them happy, enjoy the program and there is no harm to any feelings.
  15. Next there are two built-in scripts that you can use by modifying it according to your needs .

Ladies Sangeet Script 1

We all have gathered here today to make this musical balla memorable and entertaining, we wholeheartedly welcome all of you guests. Before the blessing ceremony, this sangeet Nisha brings us all closer to each other, gives more recognition to the families joining new relationships. Let’s start the program with this objective

The confluence of seven suras makes music,
the bond of two hearts is for marriage,
the union of many families decorates the gathering
, the blessings of the elders, puts
four moons in happiness , makes
four moons

Welcome to the dance , welcome them with applause
, after the beautiful dance of the lovely angel, now it is the turn of the desi girls of the house,

 But she will come on stage only when there is a lot of applause left.
Coming home to indigenous girls
show their rage
are as naughty that house I
equally certain his performance
received vigorous applause form of indigenous girls

Zara laga two songs inke o dj wale babu,
zara….. Laga do songs ke ke, osss dj wale babu,
she will
be seen in small
bhel but she is in dancing

Sorry for the interruption. But there are some lines in your wish. If it is right then accept it and if it is wrong then forget it.

Till now the younger ones had occupied the stage, but now the elders of the house coming should welcome them with loud applause.

Saas Bahu Shayari

Bach Rehna Re Baba Bach Ke
Rehna Re

Now it’s your mother-in-law’s turn to be a
little saved……. Sweets
are sweet, they
remind them on their voice ,
let the grandmother tell the daughter-in-law, today the story of the mother-in-law
, my tongue

This relationship is sour and sweet, the
beautiful story of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is
the life of every gathering,
this is the identity of each other,
you are me, I am their rhythm,
father and son get trapped in their nets daughter-in-law
says east, breath says west,
like you do. Even
though the fly is different , it is a priceless relationship, the beautiful story of the daughter -in-law

After the strong performance of the elders, the children of the house are taking back the house, they are very funny, this brother-sister pair 

Fighting, quarreling all day long 

Take a look at these two people 

Their marriage age has come to an end.

After the Fadu dance of this pair of siblings, it is now their turn to welcome them first with loud applause.

Sitting holding heart
Ladies and Gentlemen, sitting to hold the heart
to turn them
with older brother named Aete

It was the last time
when brother was riding on a mare,
today look how the mouse has come in the parking lot,
hey don’t be too shy
if you look at your sisters-in-law, then

Devrani is coming in the house, so she is happy, Jethani is swinging

welcome them with applause

After the performance of sisters-in-law, now Bawri girls are on stage, welcome them to the thunderous applause.

They have their own style
, a beautiful file of chatty things
become angry, the missile is
now there are Vibhuti, Surbhi, Visakha, they have come
on stage.

There is applause after the Fadu Todu dance of Bawri Girls.

But save them, it’s someone else’s turn ahead

Little sister of older brother 
work them day and night Tumkna
found today these chance 
surprise Lgayengi Performance 
wait they are holding heart
it Bipasha Basu artist


After Vipasha, now it is the turn of the calm 
Balao, first a lot of clap

These sisters remain silent 
, don’t go by their calm nature

Clap in 

Vidhi and Chinki are coming

Bhaiya Bhabhi Shayari

I have to express my heart, finally I have come
to explain to the bridegroom,
they are not married, those laddoos that you just enjoy by eating
, they are the noose that they regret

Brother-in-law’s couple are coming to say their ordeal

Devrani Jethani Shayari

Saas Bahu Drama every home story
coming to incinerate show house sister sister
This couple never moving with
no less than World War this disaster for husbands

Their talk is very unique
like a cup of tea with salty,
such are our Taiji and Aunt
Saraswati, Laxmi is like a big grown-up
coming on stage to support each other
Sandhya Aunty, Sangeeta Aunty Devrani Jethani


What will
come without brothers and sisters, what will be fun in the gathering without brothers and sisters,
till now, after getting married, two of them also
have the task of decorating the procession
and show them by rolling a lot of these Albello, be
careful of this dance serpent. Go Gajju Bhaiya, are
coming to do everything, ta ta thaiya

Script-2 (ladies sangeet script 2)

Women’s music has made a place in the wedding ceremony today, for which preparations are made for many months. Therefore, for your well-being, the list of Hindi script and film songs of women’s music has been written in this blog.

To make the evening of women’s music colorful, so many stars have come down in our courtyard today, we congratulate all those stars wholeheartedly.

We will start this musical Nisha with the worship of God and wish the life of the future couple to be filled with happiness.

 “O God, you are the
creator of all, you are the creator of life, you  bow
your head, may 
your blessings be our birth”

(1.Singing presentation- Saraswati Vandana, Ganesh Vandana, Rudrashtak etc.

2. Dance performance – Saraswati Vandana, Ganesh Vandana, Rudrashtak or Ae Malik Tere Bande Hum………. )

You can take any of these options.

Guest hospitality:

The wedding ceremony is decorated with the meeting of not more than one or two families, we wholeheartedly welcome all of you great people.

Welcome Shayari

As the moonlight with countless stars Sjti 
many Mahfile with families paired 
laughter buzzing the court when the joke
patio why blooms wedding

Let’s start the festival 
first, let the bride’s sister dance

Song : Pyaara Bhaiya Mera Dulha Raja Banke Aa Gaya………

oh wow what’s up

Shayari For Sister Of Groom

The color of brother’s marriage has flowed like this 
, expressed his happiness through dance
, he is eagerly waiting for  his sister-in-law, he is the 
youngest in the house, sister-in-law will caress him

After the groom’s sister, how will the bride’s sister be behind, 
now let’s hear what they have to say

Song: Jaana hai tujhko (Film : mere baap pehle aap)

What’s the matter, the lyrics of the song have told everything. It is true that the happiness of daughter’s or sister’s marriage is as much trouble as it is, these mixed expressions are well seen in this dance today.

Shayari For Sister Of Bride

Returning the message of parting by giving to her sister,  she
decorated her country with  every happiness, she left her sister with a smile on her face and pain in her 

Now after the dance of the sisters, it is the turn of the brother, the first one standing in the line, look at the groom’s brother

Song : Mere brother ki dulhan…….

Oh wow, looking for brother’s name, what is the matter of a bride for yourself.

Shayari For Brother Of Groom

Are the devil’s groom’s brother 
serpent He Mahfile decorated dance
be avoided just fine gentle girl 
my heart felt they did not sit 

Now it’s the bride’s side, see how the bride’s brother is standing innocent

Song : Meri Pyaari Bahaniya Banegi……….

Shayari For Brother Of Bride

Brothers and sisters who used to fight all the time, 
today look how they are sobbing, they are 
sending their sisters
 along with their brothers, their eyes are telling the pain of their hearts.

Hey brother, it’s good, sister goes and wife comes, save your tears now, it will come in handy when wife comes.

Friends decorate their gatherings in marriage, then why would they be behind in music?

Song: Yari Hain Iman ……… ..

Shayari For Friends Of Groom

Friendship is more dear than life 
, after marriage, only they understand that the voice of sorrow and pain, the 
friends who used to bastard in front of the girl friend, they seem 
closest after marriage.

Bride’s friends are also sitting ready to give a befitting reply 
Song: Sadi Galli

Shayari For Friends Of Bride

The bride’s friends have shaved
them, now they too are in a hurry to get married , if anyone sees  them 
, then say Pandit ji….. 

Hindi Film Songs for Sangeet (Wedding Songs List For Marriage Sangeet Function)

Wedding Songs List For Bride/ Dulhan

SN Wedding Songs For Bride Film
1 Chaalka chalka re kalsi ka water……. SN
2 Piya to se naina lage re……. guide
3 I have filtered anklets…… album
4 Saajan Saajan Teri Dulhan something happens
5 Sing slowly.. Zubeida
6 Mayini mai munder pe teri bol raha hai kaga…. Who am I to you
7 Bole bangles said Kangana sometimes happy sometimes sad

Wedding Songs List For Mother (Bride/ Dulhan)

SN Wedding Songs For Mother Film
1 Banno Rani Tumse Sayani…. 1947
2 The procession of my banno will come… mirror
3 You have to go to Piya Ke Angana…. after you Mr
4 Mehandi Rachan Lagi Hatha Mein….. album
5 Where did you go to Ganga? pardes

Wedding Songs List For Sister/ Friends (Bride/ Dulhan)

SN Wedding Songs For Sister/ Friends Film
1 Mehandi is the creator….. Zubeida
2 In-laws marigold flower…… delhi 6
3 Aasi adorned thare angna….. in this life
4 Big Difficulty Baba Big Difficulty shame
5 Radha student of the year

For a Boy’s wedding Songs List

Wedding Songs For Groom

SN Wedding Songs For Groom Film 
1 Tenu le ke I will go….. Salute to love
2 I will marry her…. I will marry her
3 The heart is…. band baaja baraat
4 Will you marry me Will you marry me

Wedding Songs List For Couple

SN Wedding Songs For Couple Film Name
1 Naya of love…. Great story of strange love
2 Let’s love…. when someone is in love
3 you are the same this promise
4 Hearts are crazy hearts are crazy
5 Promise me sanam… players

 Wedding Songs List For Couple

SN Wedding Songs For Couple Film 
1 Naya of love…. Great story of strange love
2 Let’s love…. when someone is in love
3 you are the same this promise
4 Hearts are crazy hearts are crazy
5 Promise me sanam… players

Group Songs list For Wedding

SN Wedding Songs For Group Film Name
1 A big shock….. action replay
2 It rained… band baaja baraat
3 Gal Mitthi Mithi Bol  
4  Good in-laws home  delhi 6
5  met we got a glimpse   What to say 

Nowadays, every function of the wedding ceremony is done on a large scale, where a host and a script are needed. You can use this script whether it is 25th wedding anniversary or 50th or ring ceremony. Apart from this, Farewell script is also used.

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