Best Business Ideas For Diwali 2021 With Low Cost And High Profits | Diwali Business Ideas

 Best Business Ideas for Diwali 2021 with low cost and high profits (Diwali Business Ideas in Hindi)

Diwali is such a festival, as soon as it comes, a wave of joy starts running in the minds of people. People start cleaning and decorating their house for some time before. In such a situation, in Diwali, people need many things from cleaning the house to clothes, sweets, dishes, diyas, rangoli, crackers, lights etc. And due to the high requirement of these things, many opportunities for business also open up. If you are also planning to earn money in extra time, then this article of ours has brought you various business opportunities. From which you can choose any business according to you and start it, and by earning from it, you can celebrate this festival well.

List of Business for Diwali (Diwali Business Ideas in Hindi)

Best Business Ideas For Diwali 2021 With Low Cost And High Profits | Diwali Business Ideas

As a person’s requirement for cleaning and paint (Diwali Home Cleaning Services):-

Diwali is such a festival, as soon as the season comes, the work of cleanliness starts in people’s homes. In such a situation, they need some people who can do cleaning and paint work in their place. In such a situation, if you have so much ability that you can do this work, then this can be an opportunity for you to earn money. In big cities, there are some companies that hire some people so that they can go to people’s house and do cleaning and paint work. For this, people can contact that company directly and call the person to their home. So if you are also living in big cities, then you can do this work by joining that company. Similarly, you can do this work even while living in a small city, but you can contact people directly by not joining any company and start work by giving them all your information.  

Recycling Business:-

In Diwali, when people clean their house, there are many items that are not of their use, such as newspapers, some plastic items, cartoons, etc. and other such things, then they discard it. sell in. the junk business It is also very beneficial these days, if you want, you too can do business in a better way as a scrap dealer. For this, first you have to talk to those companies or recycling units, who buy this type of product and recycle it. After that you have to plan the fund for that. Then you have to take some old items like paper, plastic etc. from people’s house and pay them some price in return for it. After this, companies or recycling units buy those goods from you. For which you are also given a good amount of money. Therefore, this business can be a very good means of earning money for you in the time of Diwali.  

Business of selling snacks, dishes and snacks: –

Whatever be the festival, people make different types of dishes and breakfast items at their homes. But in today’s hectic life, people do not have enough time to make such products at home. That’s why they often place orders for it in the market to some people, who make it for them and sell them. If you are also an expert in cooking, then what are you waiting for, you too can earn extra money in Diwali by starting a business of making different types of snacks, dishes and breakfast items such as Chikki and Laddus from people. For this, you can especially contact the women of such family, who are mostly employed. You can also take money from them according to you for this. Doing this business at the time of Diwali means you have to earn a lot.   

Decorating Items Selling Business:-

On Diwali, people decorate their homes in a very good way. In such a situation, they need many decorative items, such as stickers, different types of skirts, toran or bandhanbar, different types of lamps, stars etc. You can earn money by selling such items. For this, you can make such items at home or you can also buy and sell it from a wholesale shop. In today’s time, the use of some plastic skirting has stopped, so if you make or buy and sell paper skirting, then people will definitely buy it. So this business can be very good for you. For this you can set the price according to you, but keep in mind that you must know about your competitor in advance. So this business can help you earn profit during Diwali. 

As a Real Estate Consultant or Agent :-

Property booking increases during the festival of Diwali. It is estimated that around 40% of real estate bookings take place during the festival season. If you are planning to collect some money in your spare time, then this can be a good opportunity for you. All you need is a telephone connection and a laptop or computer to become a real estate consultant or agent. After this, to start this business, you have to contact some builders in your area. Once you complete the tie-up with the builder, you have to find the customer who wants to purchase the property. So this Diwali you can earn extra money by doing this business.

Diwali Gift Baskets or Packing Business:-

In the festival of Diwali, people give gifts to each other. If the gift is given to your relatives and guests with good packing, then the person taking it feels good, as well as seeing this gives happiness to the mind of the gift giver. For this, those people get the packing of gifts done from the market many times. If you have good packing knowledge, then this is a better opportunity for you. For this, you can take orders from people for packing gifts, and packing their gifts in different types of baskets or different designs, which will look attractive and people like. So you can make it a means of earning money during Diwali.

Fireworks Business (Patake or Crackers Business):-

On the festival of Diwali all over the country, crackers are bought and lit by the people and Diwali is celebrated with joy. Now let’s know how profit is made in this business. Suppose if a trader buys firecrackers worth Rs 100000, then he gets 50% profit on the amount of about 100000 rupees in Diwali environment. That means, on the amount of one lakh, he earns 50000 rupees comfortably. The work of crackers is profitable, but it is also risky, because firecrackers are banned by the central government of India, due to which it becomes difficult to sell and buy firecrackers. In fact, so many crackers are burnt all over India, that the amount of pollution increases very much. Due to which the people of the country have to face many problems. In such a situation, this time the central government has taken a step that people should burn green firecrackers, but in the market they are being sold far more expensive than common firecrackers. The price of a common flower in the market is Rs 100, whereas in the form of green firecrackers, the flower is available at a cost of Rs 500. But still profit can be obtained from doing this business, because when firecrackers will not be present in the market, then everyone would like to buy green firecrackers to celebrate the festival. In such a situation, you i.e. firecracker seller can get more profit.

Business similar to worship :-

Irrespective of the religion, the worship of God is given first importance during the festival. In such a situation, the entire material needed at the time of worship is purchased by every person from the market. Now its profit automatically goes to the person selling the goods of worship. This business is as easy to start as it is easy to run. Mainly it is such a business that can prove to be profitable throughout the year because festivals keep on coming in different religions throughout the year, in which there is a need for havan and worship material. In such a situation, any person can easily run this business by starting this business even in a small shop and with less amount. This is a business in which there is no loss or damage, this 12-month business is simple and more profitable business, in which goods can be bought and sold according to the demand of all consumers.

Business of selling and decorating dry fruits (Dry Fruit Gift Packing and Selling ) :-

Dry fruits are such which are very beneficial for our health and at the same time prove to be profitable business for the traders. In today’s time, the business of the most expensive selling dry fruits in the market is in full swing because in today’s time more importance is given to dry fruits than sweets. Now if any sweet is to be made, it gives incomplete taste without dry fruits, so buying dry fruits and adding them to those sweets to make them delicious is done in every household. Whether there is a wedding or a small festival or a small celebration in the house, sweets are made in the house and dry fruits are used extensively. You do not need to start a business with a high cost in this, you can start a business with a small cost in which you can earn more profit in less time. These are things that do not spoil quickly. You can also do business of decorating dry fruits, which are bought for festivals or someone’s birthday, wedding anniversary or any other small celebration which are very attractive and cheap. It is easy for the businessman to do business of all these things and he can make this business successful even in less space.

Home-made bakery, business of selling sweets and chocolates:-

The era of adulteration has become such that people themselves make sweets at home and get satisfaction by eating them. In today’s time, bakeries have been opened from house to house, where items made of chocolate or other items are made. This is the easiest and simplest business, by which easily any person sitting at home can get good profits in less effort . Only a few items are needed in this, which you can buy from the wholesale market and open a good bakery at home.And can make good stuff. Food items depend on their wonderful taste, if a person likes the taste of sweets or chocolates made by you, then they become your consumer forever. In such a situation, your business grows quadruple day by day, because a consumer tastes your taste and invites another consumer to buy goods from you on his own. In such a situation, the business of chocolates and chocolate made sweets becomes your business that gives more profit in less time.

Flower Shop Business :-

No matter how many types of decoration are done, but the decoration of flowers has its own attractive effect. Be it a small festival or a wedding, flowers are given first importance in every celebration. In such a situation, if you do business of flower garland, then you can earn a good profit at a low cost. For which you can either buy flowers from a wholesaler, otherwise you can grow flowers in your own garden and trade them. If you buy flowers from wholesalers, then you will not have to work hard and if you want to do flower business in your garden itself, then for that you will have to take care of those plants and also keep nurturing them from time to time. So that you can make and sell good garlands from good flowers. This is the easiest and simplest business, from which you can get a good amount of profit at a low cost at a reasonable time.

Decoration Light Business :-

If there is no gleaming light in the festive season and home and shops, then the festivals seem faded. The splendor of festivals is known only when lights are decorated in homes and shops. As soon as the festive season starts, there is a lot of activity in the markets, in such a situation people are willing to buy different types and new designs of lights for the decoration of their homes. In such a situation, if you do business of attractive lights, then you can make a good profit in the festival season. To buy attractive lights, you can go to any wholesale market and make the best purchase, so that you can earn an attractive profit in it. For this it is necessary that you must have a small shop, in which you can put up a little exhibition of your lights, so that the customers must be attractive and buy those lights from you. One thing you must keep in mind is that if your lights are attractive as well as durable, So your sales will be higher. In such a situation, a consumer will automatically drag another consumer to your shop, which will automatically increase your business.

Diya or Candle Making Business :-

The importance of diyas has been told a lot in our Puranas as well. It is considered auspicious to light diyas or candles in any festival and festival, so according to Hinduism, it is considered auspicious for every Hindu person to buy it. If you are looking for a business that can be started at a very low cost, which you can run from anywhere and earn more profit, then you should not think at all and start the business of making lamps or candles.can do. Earthen diyas are available in many sizes and designs, which you can buy from any diya maker or you can go to a clay market where you can get diyas at wholesale rates. If you are able to send your diyas at a reasonable price by bringing them at wholesale rate, then you can get more profit on them at less cost. This is such an easy business that you can start anywhere.

Rangoli Business :-

If there is no color in life, then life becomes colorless, similarly if there is no rangoli in any festival and festival, then that festival looks completely colorless. In Indian culture, it is considered auspicious to make Rangoli on any festival festival or bring a ready made Rangoli in your homes and Rangoli is also given utmost importance. It is said that Rangoli is associated with that incarnation of God which attracts God towards you. In such a situation, if you want to do Rangoli business, then it can prove to be very profitable for you. Some Rangolis come printed, which are brought and pasted in the house just like stickers, they also come very cheap and are sold at a reasonable price, due to which one can get a lot of profit from them. Many types of colors are also available in the market for making Rangoli, which you can get from the wholesale market at a very low price but not at a high price.


The festival of Diwali is one such festival which people celebrate with great enthusiasm. But there are some people who do not have enough money to celebrate festivals well. So if they do such small business then they will get money from it and they will also be able to celebrate their festival well.


Q: Which business can be done from home during Diwali season?

Ans: In the business done from home, you can do business selling sweets, dishes, snacks, snacks and bakery items at home. Also, you can do dry fruits and gift packing business from home.

Q: Which business will have the lowest investment?

Ans: By the way, any business can be done from the list of business given above in minimum cost. But those in which the lowest cost is required include the business of making lamps, the business of making rangoli, the business of selling puja items and the business of flower garlands.

Q: Which products are most in demand during Diwali?

Ans: Diyas, decorative lights, rangoli, puja items, sweets, gift packing, flower garlands etc. are in high demand especially in Diwali.  

Q: How much cost will be required in the business of selling home made food items and how much profit will be made from it?

Ans: For home-made dish, you will have to invest only for the ingredients that you will need to make the dish. For which you can read to spend only 2 to 5 thousand rupees, but from this you will get profit from 8 to 10 thousand rupees.

Q: Which is the easiest option to do business during Diwali?

Ans: If you are looking for an easy way to do business during Diwali, then let us tell you that it can be easiest for you to make diyas, flower garlands, and sell some low-cost items by opening some small retail shops.  

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