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The scenic town of Rudrakund may appear idyllic to a stranger but for those living here it is a mess riddled with unsolved murders and drug rackets.

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When a teenager turns up dead in the dense forest of this seemingly picturesque town, everyone is a suspect the rabbit mask wearing local drug kingpin the classmates who are addicted to the drug that looks like candy and even the best friend who was mysteriously attacked by a mythical figure

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Starring Ronit Roy and Richa Chadha, this Voot Select drama tries to marry a classic whodunnit with a hint of surrealism.

In the first two episodes of the series it is obvious that the makers are not going for subtlety.

Every dialogue expression and even sound effect is dialed up a notch.

A lot of the supporting cast seems to have gotten the instruction that to play a drug addict they need to really ham it up.

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Richa Chadha plays a dirty cop who is not all black or white. While her scandalous affair could jeopardise her job her motivation to crack the murder case seems quite genuine.

Ronit Roy plays the mentor of the student who was killed mysteriously. From what we know so far this one’s full of tropes as the man is still struggling to move past the loss of his daughter.

His marriage is hanging by a thread and his wife is finding alternative ways to cope with the tragedy.

In the midst of a personal meltdown, the death of his student pushes him over the edge and he dons the hat of an investigator who is writhing in self pity.

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Candy web series is a pulpy murder mystery that has the potential to create an engaging storyline but the over the top drama that’s at play here might put off some audience members.

The eight episode series by Ashish R Shukla doesn’t pull you in instantly so one can’t really call it binge-worthy but if you enjoy exaggerated drama Candy is for you.

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Ronit Roy will be playing the role of a teacher in the web series. Speaking about Candy the actor said I’ve been lucky to have had the chance to work with so many talented directors which has helped my learning curve tremendously.

With the advent of the digital entertainment era there is so much good work for everyone and so many people are doing such good work it’s heartening and inspiring.

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I feel immense opportunities exist and will grow further. I am proud that I have been a part of some fantastic OTT shows and now I am extremely excited and waiting to start work on Candy web series.

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Rudrakund might seem unspoiled to an outsider yet for those living here it is a wreck loaded with strange homicides and medication rackets.

At the point when a young person turns up dead in the thick timberland of this apparently pleasant town everybody is a speculate the bunny veil wearing neighborhood drug top dog the colleagues who are dependent on the medication that resembles sweets and surprisingly the closest companion who was bafflingly assaulted by a legendary figure.

Featuring Ronit Roy and Richa Chadha this Voot Select dramatization attempts to wed an exemplary whodunnit with a trace of oddity.

In the initial two scenes of the series clearly the creators are not going for nuance.

Each exchange articulation and surprisingly audio cue is dialed up a score. A ton of the supporting cast appears to have gotten the guidance that to play a medication someone who is addicted they need to truly put on a big show.

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Richa Chadha plays a filthy cop who isnt all dark or white.

While her outrageous undertaking could risk her work her inspiration to break the homicide case appears to be very real.

Ronit Roy plays the coach of the understudy who was killed strangely. From what we know up until now, this present one’s loaded with figures of speech as the man is as yet battling to move past the deficiency of his little girl his marriage is barely surviving and his significant other is discovering elective approaches to adapt to the misfortune .

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Amidst an individual emergency the demise of his understudy sends him to the brink and he wears the hat of a squirming in self examiner feel sorry for.

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