How To Start CNG And LPG Gas Station | How To Open CNG and LPG Gas Station

 CNG and LPG in India station how to get started ( How To Open CNG And LPG Gas Station In India And How Much Does It Cost In Hindi )

How To Start CNG And LPG Gas Station | How To Open CNG and LPG Gas Station

By taking franchise of CNG and LPG gas station, you can earn a lot and become a trader. From our second article, you have already come to know what is a franchise and its types. To get a gas station franchise, you have to contact one of the companies selling CNG and LPG gas and buy their franchise from them. After taking the franchise, you will have to get your gas station constructed according to the rules of that company and after the completion of the construction you will be able to start selling the gas of CNG and LPG.

What is a gas station ( What Is Gas Station )

  • Gas station is called the place where petrol, diesel, gas and etc. things are filled in vehicles.
  • If you have a vehicle, then you must know very well that the fuel that is put in it to run that vehicle is filled by going to the gas station.

Scope of the gas station (Scope Of Gas Station)

  • Nowadays everyone has their own vehicle and the number of vehicles is going to increase in the coming time. Therefore, there is no harm in taking a gas station franchise and the scope of the gas station business is going to increase further in the coming time.
  • You can open a gas station in any state of the country because vehicles are used by people in every state Which means that the demand for commodities (LPG, CNG) sold through gas stations is in every corner of the country. 
  • LPG and CNG gas is such a commodity, whose demand never decreases and the demand for this commodity is going to increase in the coming time. That is, only profit is associated with the business of the gas station.

LPG required eligibility criteria to take franchises station (Eligibility Criteria)  

  • Only those people can apply for taking LPG gas station, whose age is minimum 21 years and maximum 55 years.
  • For taking the franchise of LPG gas station, different levels of eligibility have been set by different companies. As some companies giving franchise of LPG gas station give franchisee to graduate people only, some company gives franchise of LPG gas station to 10th pass or 12th pass person also.
  • In India, the franchise of LPG gas station is given only to the citizens here. That is, only an Indian person can apply to take the franchisee of LPG gas station.
  • Preference is given to those people who have their own land to open gas stations. 

Names of some Indian companies that provide franchisees for CNG and LPG gas stations (Top Fuel Retailing Companies)

There are many such companies in India that work in the field of CNG and LPG gas and give their company’s dealership and franchise. Therefore, any person who wants to take a franchise or dealership of a gas station can contact these companies and open his own gas station. 

Number company name Company Website
1 Indian Oil Corporation
2 Oil and Natural Gas Corporation



3 Indo Bright Petroleum Private Limited



4 Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)



5 Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)



6 Reliance Petroleum Limited



7 Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Limited (GSPC)



8 Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL)



9 Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited (MNGL)



10 Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL)



11 Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL)



12 Indian Autogas Company Limited



 How to apply (How To Apply For Franchise Of Gas Station)

  • Advertisements related to giving franchise and dealership of CNG and LPG gas stations by the above mentioned companies are given in newspapers from time to time.
  • Also, you can get information related to franchise and dealership by visiting the official website of these companies from time to time. Because nowadays information is uploaded by companies in newspapers as well as on website.
  • If any information related to giving franchise of CNG and LPG gas station is given by the company and in that application for taking the franchise of LPG gas station in your state or city, then you can apply.
  • Remember that in the state where you will have the space to open the gas station, you can apply for taking the franchise of LPG gas station only at that place.

Where can you open a gas station (Suitable Land For This Business)

Location plays an important role in starting a gas station business, so you have to choose the place related to starting a gas station carefully.

  • The gas station can be opened only at that place, which is on the side of a major road and there are many vehicles coming in that road.
  • Most of the people who have their own land are given franchisees to open gas stations by companies. So if you have your own land then you will be given priority by these companies.
  • If you have any land of your own but there is a dispute going on about that land, then you cannot open a gas station at that place.
  • If your place is for rent, then you will have to submit documents related to it. On the other hand, if you buy land, then you should ensure that the land fulfills all the conditions related to opening the gas station, such as the area (length and width) of the land and its location.
  • A Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) gas station requires at least 700 square meters of space. Along with this, the front of that place should be at least 25 meters.
  • The gas station for heavy transport vehicles should have a space of at least 1500 square meters and the front of that space should be 50 meters.
  • At the same time, there is a rule of at least 1600 square meters of space and 35 meters of front area for opening a gas station by some companies. Therefore, whichever company you want to open a gas station, read the rules of that company properly and if you have a place to open a gas station according to the rules of that company, then you apply.

Investment ( Investment )

  • Different amount has been fixed by each CNG and LPG company to give their franchise, so your investment depends on which gas company you are taking the franchise.
  • However, to open a gas station of any company, you will have to invest at least one crore rupees. Apart from this investment, you will also have to pay for the salary of employees, licenses related to opening gas stations and promotion.
  • Therefore, when you prepare your plan related to opening a gas station, then include the expenditure on other types of work along with the investment of one crore rupees in it.

License And Permits For Starting Gas Station

  • Before opening a gas station in any country, it is necessary to take the permission of the government and to open a gas station, a license has to be obtained. Therefore, you too can open a gas station only when you have all kinds of licenses related to opening it.
  • You will have to apply for opening a gas station in the licensing authority related to opening a gas station, after which you will get the license if you meet the standards set for granting the license.
  • Along with taking the license, you will also have to take permission from your state’s municipal corporation and fire safety office to open a gas station.

Having built gas stations (Gas Station Construction)

  • After obtaining each type of license related to the gas station, you can start the construction work of building the gas station.
  • You will have to build the building of the gas station according to the company from which you have taken the franchise of the gas station.
  • To build a gas station, you can hire a building company or builder and give them a contract to build a gas station.
  • Many precautions have to be taken in building a gas station and to fill the gas, the tank and pipeline have to be fitted in the ground and if there is any deficiency in their construction, then gas may leak from them. Therefore, you should give the responsibility of building a gas station only to a good company.

Associated with open gas station storage ( Necessary Equipment For Developing A Gas Station )

After constructing the gas station, you will also have to install many types of equipment in the gas station and you can also get these equipment from the franchise giving company or you can also buy them yourself.

Fuel Dispenser- LPG and CNG gas is filled in vehicles with the help of fuel dispenser machine and you can buy this machine by visiting this link Huh. By going to this link, you will also know the price of this machine.

Gas Storage Tanks- CNG and LPG gas is filled in the gas storage tanks and this tank is fitted underground in the gas station. The gas which is given to you by the company is filled in these tanks and then from these tanks that gas is put into the fuel dispenser.  

Where to buy and price (Place and Price of gas tank)

You can buy gas storage tanks by visiting the link given below and on this link you will also get the prices of gas storage tanks.

Fire Extinguishers – The gas sold in a gas station catches fire easily. That is why it is very important to have a fire extinguisher in the gas station. Because with the help of fire extinguishers it helps in controlling the fire.

 Where to Buy Fire Extinguishers

There are many companies that do the work of installing fire extinguishers and if you want, you can get fire extinguishers installed at your gas station from these companies. Or you can buy them by visiting this link .

CCTV- With  the help of CCTV cameras, people coming to the gas station are monitored and orders have been given by the police to install CCTV at every gas station. That’s why you have to install many CCTVs at your gas station.

Where to Buy (Place to Buy CCTV)

  • You can also buy CCTV cameras through online or you can also take them through offline.
  • You can download the CCTV camera through this  through this link You can buy from.

सावधानी (Safety Measures)

  • There are easily catchable things in the gas station, so many precautions have to be taken regarding the safety of the gas station.
  • Even the slightest spark can cause a fire in a gas station. Therefore, get a fire extinguisher in the gas station, so that if ever any kind of fire starts in your gas station, then you can control it with the help of fire extinguisher.
  • Make sure to put a post or board at the gas station for not using things like match boxes, lighters and etc. So that people can know by seeing the board, that they cannot use these things at the gas station.
  • Before filling fuel in the vehicle’s tank, get the engine of that vehicle turned off, because there is a risk of fire due to refueling in the moving engine.
  • Do not install any kind of electric board or meter near the gas station, because many times there is a spark in the electric board or meter and due to this, fire starts.
  • Get the electrical equipment installed at the gas station checked from time to time by an electrician. So that if any electrical equipment is getting damaged, then you get it corrected in time, because there is a risk of fire due to bad equipment.

Gas Station Insurance

  • It is very important to get the gas station insured, so you should also get your gas station insured from a good insurance company.
  • If there is a fire in your gas station or there is any damage to your gas station due to any other thing, then you will get money from your gas station insurance. So that you will be able to compensate for your loss.

Where to get insurance

  • Gas stations are insured by many banks and insurance companies and below are the links related to these companies. By visiting these links, you can choose any one company according to you to get insurance done.

In promotion of its gas station ( Marketing And Promotion )

In order to let people know about your gas station, you have to take the help of promotion and you can take help of various promotion tools to promote your gas station like-

  • Through website- You can create the website of your gas station and through this website you can give information about the gas sold at your gas station to the people. With the help of the website, you will be able to connect with more and more people easily.
  • Through Google Map –  Apart from this, Google Map is also a good option for advertising. By having the information of your gas station on Google Map, people will be able to know about your gas station. Because nowadays most people search a lot of things near them through Google Map.
  • Banners and Posters- You can also promote your gas station with the help of banners and posters and you can get these banners and posters made from any banner maker company. You can put these banners on the roadside and inform people about your gas station.
  • Advertisement through TV- You can make advertisement of your gas station from any advertising company and give advertisement of your company on TV.

Apart from these, there are many marketing methods , using which you can promote your station.


Take the franchise of CNG and LPG gas station from a good company after thinking carefully and try that before starting the gas station, you must also prepare a business plan related to it. So that you can get to know about all kinds of things related to the business of CNG and LPG gas station and you will not face any kind of problem going forward.

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