How to start perfume business?

 Perfume started to trade in (How To Start Perfume and Deo Business tips In Hindi)

How to start perfume business?

Perfume i.e. perfume is such a thing which is used by people of every class and every age and at this time many types of perfumes are being sold in the market. If we talk about perfume business, then it is also a profitable business like other business. Therefore, you can also consider doing perfume business.

To do perfume business, you should have a good knowledge about all types of perfumes sold in the market. Whenever you start perfume business, then do all kinds of research related to this business well. Because when you will prepare your perfume business plan, then at that time you will get a lot of help from this research.

Types of Perfume or Perfume Guide

There are many types of perfumes available in the market, which are quite different from each other in terms of fragrance. In some perfume you get more fragrance whereas in some perfume you get less fragrance. Therefore, before starting the business of making perfume, you have to decide what kind of perfume you want to make.

Name of different types of perfume

  1. Parfm ( PARFUM )
  • ‘Parfum’ means pure perfume in Hindi and this type of perfume has a lot of fragrance. Less alcohol is added to this type of perfume. Therefore, these perfumes prove to be quite right for those people whose skin is very sensitive.
  • This type of perfume has a fragrance ranging from 15% to 40%, so it is a bit expensive than other types of perfumes and the fragrance of the perfume lasts for at least eight hours.
  1. This Day paraphama ( Eau De Parfum )
  • Another type of perfume that is sold in the markets is named Yo de Parfum and the fragrance of this perfume is much less than that of Parfum perfume. Yo de Parfum has a fragrance concentration ranging from 15% to 20% and Yo de Parfum The fragrance lasts only for a few hours.
  1. This Day in Cologne ( eau de Cologne)
  • Yo de Cologne perfume also has very less fragrance and it is also much cheaper than other types of perfumes. Fragrance concentration of only 2% to 4% is found in this type of perfume, while a significant amount of alcohol is added to it.
  1. Yo de Tuilet ( Eau De Toilette)
  • A fragrance concentration ranging from 5% to 15% is added to O de Touillet and the fragrance of this type of perfume lasts only for three to four hours. A lot of alcohol is also added to O de Touillet perfume.
  1. This phraici ( Eau Fraiche )
  • Only 1% to 3% fragrance concentration is added to Yo Fraiche perfumes, so these types of perfumes are also very cheap. Although alcohol is also not used much in O Fraiche perfume and in place of alcohol, more water is added to this perfume.
  • Apart from the above mentioned perfumes, Mist, Aftershave, and Deo types of perfumes are also available in the market.

Famous Perfume Selling in India Best Perfume Brands in India )

Many types of companies sell their perfumes in India and the names of some of the famous companies are as follows-

  1. blueberry
  2. Calvin Klein
  3. Davidoff
  4. Escada ( Escada )
  5. gucci

Important things related to starting perfume business (Important Information Related Perfume Business) :

There are many important things that you should know about before starting a perfume business. Knowing about these things, you do not have trouble in starting a perfume business.

Have to decide what kind of perfume to make

Perfume is used by female and male and different types of perfumes are sold in the shop for female and male. Therefore, whenever you start the perfume business, decide in advance whether you want to make perfume for women, whether for men or for both of them.

Perfume must have a different fragrance

The business of perfume is a business related to fragrance, so you have to make the fragrance of your perfume completely different. There are already many such perfumes being sold in the market, whose fragrance is quite different and they are in great demand by the people. Therefore, whenever you prepare the fragrance of your perfume, then with the fragrance of these perfumes sold in the market, make the fragrance of your perfume completely different and best.

Perfume difference and Dio ( Difference Between A Perfume And A Deodorant )

  • Perfume and deo are two different types of products and often people are not aware about the difference between perfume and deo.
  • If you are thinking of starting a perfume business, then you must be aware of the difference between perfume and deo.
  • Actually, deo is used for the purpose of stopping the odor coming from the body, while perfume is used as a perfume. Only 10 to 15 percent of fragrance oil is used in making deo, whereas the amount of fragrance oil in perfume is very high.
  • Deo is used on the body while perfume is applied on the clothes. Apart from this, they also come much cheaper than deo perfumes.
  • After understanding the difference between deo and perfume, you must have come to know that both these things are definitely related to fragrance but they are used for different purposes.

Used in making perfume raw materials ( Ingredients For Perfume Making )

A variety of ingredients are used in making perfume and with the help of these ingredients a fragrance is prepared. All the ingredients used to make perfume are easily available in the market.

Alcohol Alcohol )

Alcohol is used a lot in making perfumes and alcohol is definitely found in every type of perfume. However, the amount of alcohol in each perfume varies.

Flower (Flower)

Flower juice is used in making perfume and 15 to 30 percent flower juice is added to the perfume bottle. Apart from flowers, grasses, many spices, many types of fruits, wood, resins, balsams,  petrochemicals, coal, coal tar, leaves are also used while making perfume.

Animal foods ( Animal Substance )

Animal secretions are also used during the perfume making process. Animal matter is often used as fixatives. With the help of fixative, the things put in the perfume stick together and it enables the perfume to evaporate.

Synthetic Chemical ( Synthetic Chemical )

  • Many types of artificial chemicals are also used in making perfumes and with the help of chemicals, the fragrance of those flowers and plants is prepared, from which natural oil does not come out.
  • Of the 50,000 flower and plant species, only about 2,000 are species of flowers and plants from which natural oil can be extracted.
  • Lily flowers are also one of those flowers that do not contain natural oil and artificial chemicals are used to make the fragrance of this type of flower (which does not contain natural oil).

Perfume making used in machine and their prices (Information Of Machine And Its Price )

perfume making machine

Different types of machines are available in the market to prepare perfume. If you take a machine with more capacity, then it will cost you a bit, while a machine with less capacity will be a little cheaper. So buy a perfume making machine according to your budget.

Where to buy machines and their prices (Place to buy)

The machines used to make perfumes and

You can buy by visiting the link and also you will get information about the price of these machines on these links.

perfume filling machine

After making perfumes, filling machines are used to fill them in bottles and these machines are also of many types. You can buy this type of machine by visiting this link .

Perfume making process ( The Manufacturing Process )

  • Collecting materials (Raw Materials)

The flower of whose fragrance you want to make perfume, you must first buy that flower. If you want to prepare rose flower perfume, then you have to buy rose flowers from the orchards. Similarly, if you want to make perfume of Jasmine ie Jasmine flower, then you will need Jasmine flowers. Apart from the flowers, you will also have to buy the other materials mentioned above and keep them at the place from where you are going to make perfume.

  • Extraction method ( Extraction Methods )

To make perfume, the juice or their oil is extracted from flowers and trees. Various methods are used to extract their oil from flowers and trees .

  • मैक्रेशन (Maceration Process)

Maceration method is used for the extraction method and during the maceration process hit is used for extracting oil from flowers and plants.

  • Extraction process ( Extraction Process )

The extraction process is one of the oldest processes for extracting oil from plants and flowers. During this process the plants and flowers are squeezed thoroughly till they are basically oil free and oil is obtained from them.

  • Influrage process ( Enfleurage Process )

The inflorescence process is also used to extract oil from flowers. In this process the flowers are spread on a glass sheet and after that grease is applied on them. After applying the grease, the glass sheet is placed between the wooden frame. After which Greece absorbs the fragrance of the flowers well. After absorbing the aroma of Greek flowers, the flowers are separated from them and in this way their fragrance is obtained from the flowers.

Solvent Extraction ( Solvent Extraction )

  • In the solvent extraction process, flowers and plants are placed inside a large tank or drum and petroleum ether is poured over them. After which the flowers get merged in it and only the waxy material remains in the tank and the waxy material absorbs the oil of the flowers.
  • Then alcohol is poured inside the waxy material and after that with the help of a hit the alcohol is evaporated and in this way the flower oil is obtained from the waxy material.

Steam distillation ( Steam Distillation )      

Within the steam distillation process, with the help of steam, the existing oil in the plants is converted into gas or oil is extracted from the flower leaves by boiling them in water and in this way the oil is obtained.

Blending ( Blending )

After getting the oil from the flowers, with the help of formula, that oil is converted into fragrance. Each company has its own different formula, which they use to make fragrance. It takes a long time to prepare the formula to make a good fragrance. But once this formula is prepared, the fragrance is prepared from the flower oil accordingly. After which alcohol is added to that fragrance.

Aging ( Aging )

After the process of blending, the perfume is aged for several months or for many years. After aging, perfume is smelled and only after getting the right fragrance, it becomes ready. On the other hand, if the right aroma of perfume is not obtained, then it is blended again.

After making the perfume, its quality is also checked and only after the right quality is found, it is approved for sale.

Packaging (Packaging)

To make perfume bottles, you have to contact a bottle maker and get your perfume bottles made from that company. At the same time, in the link given below, you have been told about some companies that work in selling perfume bottles.

If you have seen the perfume bottles sold in the market, then you will know how attractive they are. Therefore, you also have to choose your perfume bottle very well and try that the design of the bottle you choose must be attractive.

Labeling ( Labeling )

After selecting the bottle, you will also have to select the label to be placed on your bottle. Information about other things including your company’s name and address is hidden on the label and you will have to get them prepared by a label maker.

Your company  would like to register ( Registration )

Before starting your perfume company, you have to get the name of your company registered. Therefore, you should already choose a name for your perfume company. Also, keep the name of your perfume company very carefully and try that the name of your company should be very attractive and unique, so that people can remember it soon.

Before registering the company, you also have to decide, what type of business will be your Solo Proprietor, Partnership Corporation and Limited Liability. If you do not have much understanding about this, then you can contact a lawyer or an accountant.

Location selection ( Place required )

Before opening a perfume company, you also have to select the place from where you want to start your perfume making. Try that you rent a factory near a factory area, because you can easily get labor in these areas. Along with this, electricity and water facilities are also very good in these areas.

Select the people ( Recruitment )

You need many formulas to make perfume, so you should keep only those people who have good experience in the perfume field. Apart from these people, you will also have to hire many people for tasks like packaging of perfumes.

Caution ( Caution )

Perfume is something that catches fire easily, so you have to work very carefully while preparing perfume. Along with this, you will also have to keep the prepared perfume bottles in a place where there are no fire equipment and you must also install fire extinguishers in your factory.

Marketing ( Marketing )

Marketing is needed to make any kind of business successful. That’s why you too have to take the help of marketing to make your perfume business successful. Through marketing, you will be able to promote your perfume company well and will also be able to tell people about your perfume.

There are many options available in the market for marketing and you can choose any of these options for marketing your business.

how to grow business

There are many options to sell any products and the most famous option is to sell your products through shops. That’s why you too will need people like wholesalers to sell your perfume products. Apart from selling your perfumes through the shop, you can also think of selling them through online.

Online (Online)

If you want to sell perfume online, you can join a website like Flipkart or you can also sell your perfume by opening your own website. If you sell your perfume through your own website, then you should name your website after your perfume.

Budget and loans (Budget and Loan)

Before starting the perfume business, you should prepare a list of all the expenses coming from this business. By doing this you will get an idea of ​​how much you will have to invest in starting a perfume business. If you face any shortage of money in starting the perfume business, then you can take the help of a loan.

Training ( Training )

Many types of chemicals are used in making perfume and it is also very important to have many types of knowledge to prepare the fragrance of perfume. Therefore, before starting the business of making perfume, you should also take training related to this business.

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