Indira Ekadashi Story Significance and Worship Method 2021

 Indira Ekadashi or Shradh Paksha Ekadashi fasting story importance and worship method ( Indira Ekadashi Vrat significance, Puja Vidhi, story, 2021 Date In Hindi)

Indira Ekadashi or Shradh Paksha Ekadashi fasting story importance and worship method ( Indira Ekadashi Vrat significance, Puja Vidhi, story, 2021 Date In Hindi)

Ekadashi fasting is considered very important in Indian culture. It is called a fast that frees one from all sins. In them too, the importance of Indira Ekadashi of Shradh Paksha is very much, due to which the human race attains salvation after death. This brings salvation to the ancestors and the descendants to come.

When is Indira Ekadashi celebrated? (Indira Ekadashi Vrat Date 2021)

This Ekadashi is celebrated on the day of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month. Due to coming in Shradh Paksha, its importance increases even more. It is said to be the easy way to attain salvation. By this the ancestors get salvation.

In the year 2021, Indira Ekadashi will be celebrated on 2 October.

Important timings related to Indrani Ekadashi (Indira Ekadashi Vrat Parana Time)

Dwadashi end time on Paraná  04:40  pm 
ekadashi date start  From 9:49 pm on September 13
ekadashi date end till 07:18 pm on 14th September 
parna time 6:24 am to 8:44 am

Indira Ekadashi Vrat Story

In the time of Satyuga, there used to be a king named Indrasen. The king was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. All the religious works of Yagya and fasting were done with full devotion. These rules were followed in his city also. Perhaps the reason for the happiness, peace and progress in the city was that everyone had to be religious and hardworking. Because of this Indrasen was very happy.

One day Narada Muni stepped into the court of Indrasen from the sky. Seeing them coming, Indrasen king got up from his place and with full respect he worshiped Narada Muni. Washed and touched his feet. Narad Muni was very pleased to see such hospitality from him.

After some time Narad Muni asked the king that is everyone safe in your life and kingdom? King Indrasen said that by the grace of Lord Vishnu all are well. Then Narad Muni again asked: Are the works of religious satsang and yagya etc. being regularized in your state? The king also agreed to this. Indrasen asked Narada Muni the reason for coming to his court – then Narada Muni said that I had gone to Yamalok. There I saw your father, he was very sad. He has sent a message for you. They have not attained salvation after death, so they want you to do something for them. He told that in his previous birth, the fast of Ekadashi was broken by him. Because of this he did not get salvation.

King Indrasen asked Narada Muni, what should I do for this? Then Narad Muni said – In the Shradh Paksha only, the ancestors get salvation, so you should fast on Ekadashi of Shradh Paksha. By observing this fast, many of your descendants will get salvation. King Indrasen asked Narada the law of fasting.

Indira Ekadashi Vrat Puja Vidhi

This is the Ekadashi of Shradh Paksha, by doing this one attains salvation.

  • This fast starts from the tenth day of Ashwin Krishna Paksha. On the day of Dashami, after taking a bath in the morning, do worship at home, then in the afternoon after bathing in the river, do the method of tarpan.
  • After the method of Shradh, offer food to Brahmins and take food on their own.
  • On the second day, on Ekadashi, take a bath in the morning and take a vow of fasting for the whole day.
  • Again perform Shradh rituals and offer fruits to Brahmins.
  • After this, give part of the diet to cow, crow and dog.
  • After worshiping on the second day, feed Brahmins and give dakshina. Take food with the whole family.

Thus King Indra Sen followed the method given by Narad ji, due to which his father attained salvation and he went from Yamaloka to Vishnuloka. Due to the glory of this Indira Ekadashi, King Indrasen also got Vaikund Lok.

Shri Krishna himself has told Yudhishthira about all Ekadashi fasts and has also told about their fruits.

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