Kalashtami Kalbhairav ​​2021 Jayanti Story Significance Worship Method

 Kalashtami Kalabhairav ​​Jayanti Significance, Vrat Vidhi Pooja In Hindi

Bhairav ​​Dev was born on the day of Kalashtami, hence it is also called Bhairav ​​Jayanti or Kaal Bhairav ​​Ashtami. Bhairav ​​Dev is considered to be a form of Lord Shiva. This is his fierce form. It is known as Bhairav ​​Ashtami, Bhairav ​​Jayanti, Kala-Bhairava Ashtami, Mahakal Bhairav ​​Ashtami and Kaal-Bhairava Jayanti. It is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Lord Bhairav. Bhairav ​​form is a fearsome and furious form of Lord Shiva. Kaal means time and Bhairav ​​is the name of the form of Shiva.

Kalashtami Kalbhairav ​​2021 Jayanti Story Significance Worship Method

When is Kaal Bhairav ​​Jayanti celebrated in 2021? ( Kalabhairav ​​Jayanti 2021 Date)

All the Ashtami of Krishna Paksha of every month is dedicated to Kaal Bhairav ​​and called Kalashtami . More importance is given to Kalashtami of Kartik month than Kalashtami of every month. It falls on the eighth lunar day in the fortnight of the waning moon of Kartik, that is, the festival of Kalashtami is celebrated on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha. It falls on the same day in the month of November-December, which is called Kala Ashtami or Kaal Bhairav ​​Jayanti. This day is considered to be the day to punish sinners, hence Bhairav ​​is also called Dandapani. According to the belief, the black dog is considered to be the symbol of Bhairav ​​Baba, because the dog is the ride of Bhairav ​​Dev, hence it is also called Swaswa. This form punishes the sinner who remains in the gods and humans. They punish with the stick they have in their hands.

Kalashtami 2021 Dates in 2021 –

Date Month Day  
6 January (Sunday) kalashtami
4 February (Tuesday) kalashtami
5 March (thursday) kalashtami
4 April (Friday) kalashtami
3 May (Sunday) kalashtami
2 June (Tuesday) kalashtami
1/31 July (Wednesday) kalashtami
30 August (Friday) kalashtami
28 September (Saturday) kalashtami
28 October (Monday) kalashtami
27 November (Tuesday) kaalbhairav ​​jayanti
26 December (thursday) kalashtami

Significance of Kaal Bhairav ​​Jayanti Katha Mahatva:

Once there was a fight going on over who is the best among Tridev, Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh. The debate on this matter kept on increasing, after which a meeting was held after calling all the deities. Here the most asked is who is the best. Everyone discussed and found the answer, which was supported by Shiva and Vishnu, but only then Brahma ji said abusive words to Lord Shiva, due to which Lord Shiva got angry and he considered it as an insult.

From that anger, Shiva created his own form Bhairav. The vehicle of this incarnation of Bhairav ​​was a black dog, with a stick in one hand. This incarnation is also called by the name of Mahakaleshwar. That’s why he was called ‘Dandadhipati’. Seeing this form of Shiva, all the deities were terrified. In anger, Bhairav ​​cut off one of the five faces of Brahma ji, since then Brahma has four faces. In this way, the sin of killing Brahma came upon Bhairav ​​ji because of beheading of Brahma ji. Brahma ji apologized to Bhairav ​​Baba, then Shiva ji comes in his real form.

Bhairav ​​Baba got punished for his sin, so Bhairav ​​had to live like a beggar for many times. In this way their punishment ends in Varanasi after years. One of its names was Dandapani, thus Bhairav ​​Jayanti is also considered as the day to be punished for sin.

How is Bhairav ​​Jayanti Puja performed? ( Kalabhairav ​​Jayanti puja vidhi)

  • This puja is done at night. Shiva Parvati and Bhairav ​​are worshiped throughout the night.
  • Bhairav ​​Baba is said to be the God of Tantric, so this worship is done in the night.
  • On the second day, after getting up early, taking a bath in the holy river, Shradh and Tarpan are performed. After which ashes are offered to the Bhairav ​​form of Lord Shiva.
  • Black dog is also worshiped on this day, he is given many things in the enjoyment.
  • Those who worship him do not have fear of anything and there is happiness in life.
  • It is very important to listen to the story of Kaal Bhairav ​​at the time of worship.

In this way this puja is performed. It is said that he gives ultimate boon to the one who worships Kaal Bhairav, fulfills every wish of his mind. Kal Bhairav ​​removes any kind of trouble, fear, disease, pain in life.

There is a temple of Vaishnava Devi on the hill of Kashmir, near which is the temple of Bhairav. It is believed that until Bhairav ​​Nath is not visited, the fruit of Vaishnav Devi’s darshan is not attained. There is also a temple of Kaal Bhairav ​​in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, where country liquor is offered as prasad. Here it is believed that liquor is Kaal Bhairav’s prasad, which he still drinks there. It is easily available in the prasad shops outside the temple.

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