Significance of Hindi Diwas, Poetry Speech Slogan – Hindi Diwas

 Hindi Diwas Significance Poetry Speech Slogan | Hindi Diwas Poem, Speech, Slogan (Hindi Diwas 14th September 

Hindi, the mother tongue of India. Proudly admit that we are Hindi speaking. The voice of unity in diversity resonates through Hindi. Language is the most important thing in life. Only one language develops tehzeeb in us. That is why all countries have their own native language, which is the duty of the countrymen to respect. Believe that language is only a means of expressing feelings, but this instrument has the power that can change the world. There is only one language among the differences, which forms the basis of unity and we all should respect the means of this unity. Hindi is our mother tongue and it is our duty to respect it.

Significance of Hindi Diwas, Poetry Speech Slogan – Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas is celebrated on a very large scale to develop Hindi in India. India is a country where many cultures are found. Due to these cultural differences, many types of languages ​​are also included. Since there are so many languages, it becomes difficult to decide in the formal work here in which language all the formal work should be done. Because of this an attempt was made to establish Hindi as a main language. Here all the special things related to Hindi and Hindi Diwas are being described.

History of Hindi Diwas (Hindi Diwas History in hindi):

India is a mixture of many disciplines. They include many languages. In all these languages, Hindi was given the status of the mother tongue of the country. Today it is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world. To honor it, Hindi Diwas and National Unity Day are celebrated every year on 14 September.

In fact, on 14 September 1949, after independence, Hindi got the pride of the country’s mother tongue. In the memory of the same, a decision was taken in 1953, as a result of which 14 September every year was celebrated as Hindi Diwas.

When is World Hindi Day celebrated? (International Hindi Diwas Date):

Hindi Diwas is celebrated in the country on 14th September, this special day is celebrated at the world level also. World Hindi Day was first celebrated on 10 January 1975 in Nagpur Maharashtra. After January 10, 2006, the World Hindi Day was announced to observe as the (International Hindi Diwas). Hindi Diwas is celebrated with great pride on January 10, especially in the Indian embassy built abroad. This day was started to explain the importance of Hindi in the world.

Why Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14th September

In the Constitution of India on 14 September 1949, Hindi was recognized as a formal republic of India with the Devanagari script. On 26 January 1950, the Constitution was passed in India and Hindi was established as an official language. This is mentioned in Article 343 of the Indian Constitution. Even today, Hindi and English are the only two official languages ​​under the central government.

Hindi Diwas Celebrate Reasons

Celebrating Hindi Diwas has become mandatory in today’s time. In fact, in the immediate time, people only pay attention to English. Among the people, only those people are considered to be educated who can speak English. In many places, speaking Hindi makes a difference on the ‘status’ of a person. Because of this many people do not pay any attention to Hindi. Here some special aspects are being described, under which it is known that why it is necessary to celebrate Hindi Divas to make people aware about Hindi in the immediate time.

  • With any language its culture is associated. India has a very glorious cultural history. Any Indian who remains untouched by the knowledge of this cultural history or does not adopt it, he cannot be completely Indian. Therefore, it is very important to know Hindi to understand our culture.
  • Even today all the people in the country have not been able to have complete knowledge of English. People often resort to Hindi in between while speaking English. Therefore, if a person knows Hindi better, then he can use it reputedly at any place. Therefore it is very important to understand the importance of Hindi.
  • There have been many such compositions in Hindi, which can change the life of a person by reading and following it. To read and understand such compositions, it is necessary to learn Hindi. Through Hindi Diwas, efforts are made to bring awareness among people about these creations.
  • The unity and integrity of the country can be maintained with the help of Hindi. Therefore, by celebrating Hindi Diwas, the people of the country come together, and unity spreads in the country. That’s why it is a very essential language.

How to Celebrate Hindi Diwas (Hindi Diwas Celebration In India):

Usually on the day of 14 September, projects are given from the school to tell the importance of mother tongue to the children. Competitions are organized on the occasion of Hindi Diwas, in which the areas of debate, speech, poetry reading, essay etc. Apart from this, small celebrations are organized for Hindi Diwas in the political corridors.

The sad thing is that the youth who are so busy in their life’s busyness that they do not even remember this day. In fact, we all know that this most spoken language does not get the respect it should have and the reason for this is to despise our language. Unless we ourselves do not respect our mother tongue, the heritage of our country, we will not be able to give it respect.

It is not a crime to learn, speak any kind of language, but to have any feeling towards one’s own language is like a traitor to the country. 

Importance of Hindi

The importance of Hindi is very high in our country. In India, Hindi is actually a symbol of unity in a way. Even during the fight for independence from the British, Hindi made a big contribution in uniting the people. At this time Hindi was spoken all over India. Mahatma Gandhi had also spoken of emphasizing on the spread of Hindi. After the independence of India, many scholars worked for the development of this language.

Importance of Hindi in National Integration (Rashtriya Ekta Main Hindi Ka Mahtva):

Reading this, often we who are sitting in cities or metros laughed. Educated people who are working in big companies do not see any future of Hindi in today’s time. Their belief is also correct because they are thinking within the realm around them. They have a successful future in which job, money and a lot of comfort are there. It does not seem necessary for him to know Hindi. But at the same time, when a person standing on a horizon looks inside the country, he sees a huge difference between the people. . Admittedly, these Hindi speakers are far from technical knowledge, but even today, human unity is more important than technical unity. Human unity will come only when there will be equality in all. The difference will be less.

These differences are differences of language. English is the need of the day, but can the foundation be left for the need? If Hindi is separated in this way, then the growing differences between villages and cities will deepen, which is a big obstacle in the development of the country.

Language connects individual, family is formed by connecting individual, society is formed by the joining of families. Thus, it is necessary to strengthen this connection in the development of the country. Especially this connection can be strengthened only through language because Hindi is the most spoken language in the country. Unless it is developed, the development of the country will be hindered. I am giving an example for this

Today, digitization is being brought to India with a lot of noise, in which the village is being targeted first. Work is being done to bring internet to every corner of the country but it is not possible till then. Unless this work is done in Hindi. If you think that every person should first learn to read, write in English and then come and google on the internet, then many centuries will pass in it. Not impossible but it will take a lot of time. To connect every small unit with it, it is necessary to bring it in Hindi. Only then will the dream of connecting the entire country with digitization come true.

Similarly, there are many reasons for which it is necessary for all of us to be associated with one language. Above all, it is the mother tongue of the country, it is our duty to respect and get it.

Hindi Sahitya Sagar

Hindi is a very simple language. This language, written in Devanagari, is very rich in itself. For its development, many poets and writers enriched it with their creations. Among these poets Maithilisharan Gupta, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, Mahadevi Verma, Nirala etc. are very prominent. Even in the immediate time, many poets are enriching it with their compositions. After this, composers like Premchand, Nirmal Verma, Agyega, Jainendra also developed this language in prose literature.

Hindi Divas Slogan Quotes:

  • एकता ही हैं देश का बल, जरुरी हैं हिंदी का संबल
  • हिंदी का विकास, देश का विकास
  • करो हिंदी का मान, तभी बढ़ेगी देश की शान
  • प्रेम का दूजा नाम हैं हिंदी.
  • ना करो हिंदी की चिंदी, हिंदी तो हैं देश की बिंदी


Hindi Diwas Kavita Poem (हिंदी दिवस पर कविता)

  • हिन्दुस्तानी हैं हम गर्व करो हिंदी पर
    सम्मान देना,दिलाना कर्तव्य हैं हम पर
    खत्म हुआ विदेशी शासन
    अब तोड़ो बेड़ियों को
    तह दिल से अपनाओ खुले आसमां को
    पर ना छोड़ो धरती के प्यार को
    हिंदी हैं मातृतुल्य हमारी
    इस पर न्यौछावर करो जिन्दगी सारी


  • सबकी सखी हैं मेरी हिंदी
    जैसे माथे पर सजी हैं सुंदर बिंदी
    देवनागरी हैं इसकी लिपि
    संस्कृत हैं इसकी जननी
    हर साहित्य की हैं ये ज्ञाता
    सुंदर सरल हैं इसकी भाषा
    प्रेम अपनापन सौन्दर्य हैं इसका
    दिलाना सम्मान कर्तव्य हैं हम सबका


हिंदी दिवस शायरी (Hindi Divas Shayari)

  • हर कण में हैं हिंदी बसी
    मेरी माँ की इसमें बोली बसी
    मेरा मान हैं हिंदी
    मेरी शान हैं हिंदी
  • हिंदी का करे सम्मान
    हैं यह प्रेम सौहाद्र का दूजा नाम
    हर देश का सम्मान हैं मातृभाषा
    गर्व से कहों हैं हमारी हिंदी भाषा


Mother tongue is the heritage of the country, just as we give respect to the tricolor, in the same way our language is also respected. Unless we ourselves accept this, it is difficult to convey it to others.

Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji went to America and gave a speech in mother tongue. It is a matter of pride for us. Many people say that they do not know English so they do not have options. Maybe it will also be true, but if you have seen that speech. Then you will definitely see the gesture of Shri Modi ji, you will realize that he does not know English, this question cannot be in his heart and mind, with the ease with which he spoke his voice, pride was hidden in it. Only those who are true patriots can adorn a stage with full confidence in their mother tongue on foreign soil.

Hindi Diwas Do not think of Hindi Diwas as just a day, national unity and country development is the need of all of us, for which it is necessary for all to move forward together. And in this direction Hindi should get real respect, it is very important.

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