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Best Yoga Mats in India
Reviews and Comparison 2022


The VIFITKIT Yoga & Exercise Mat is lightweight and flexible which makes it easy to roll or fold with your backpack. Its portability makes it the perfect travel mat as well. It is perfect for people who like to bring their fitness mat to their fitness classes and yoga studios.

Versatile Exercise Essential 
This yoga mat can be used for many activities at home or at yoga studios. You can use it for yoga, Pilates, meditation, gym and for stretching
Easy to Clean
You have to just wipe it with soap water and rinse underwater. Occasional washing will help it remain immaculate, as though you bought it yesterday!

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Boldfit Yoga mat for Women and Men with Carry Bag
The 4.5 mm mat is perfectly shaped to suit the taller lot. Made with high-density PVC material, it offers an excellent cushioning and grip. It has an anti-slip surface from both sides, providing you with the required sturdiness. The best part about this one is that it has a printed aliment system to guide you for proper positioning. With full sweat and water resistance, this is an excellent fit for a workout at a reasonable cost!

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Curveit TPE Anti-Slip Yoga Mat for Women & Men
Having a 6mm memory foam and made from TPE, this mat is not only eco-friendly but also extremely comfortable. The 6mm thickness, however, makes give you a less feeling of the floor. The side that faces the earth is designed with unique anti-skid texture to keep you from going all over! Designed with unique anti-tear technology, this mat can withstand rough use. In addition to this, it also has a closed-cell surface that does not let dirt, moisture or odour accumulate on the mat keeping it feeling fresh throughout! Packed with such unique features, this one has grabbed our best-value spot!

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Qatalyze Yoga Mat

The highest-priced entry on our list, this mat is more extensive compared to the other standard mats. The unique feature about this one is that this has a dual-layer and dual colour. That means if you look carefully, you will feel that two mats have been pressed together to form one mat. This is an added advantage as it gives more durability and stability. This is also made from TPE, and thus you should not be worried about any harmful chemicals entering your body while working out.

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House of Quirk Yoga Mat

This one is quite a trendy selection as 28 yoga poses are printed on it. So you aren’t only buying a yoga mat, but a yoga guide too! With 6mm thickness and anti-skid technology, this mat is excellent if you aren’t the extreme floor workout type. The mat is made out of memory foam that will surely offer you great comfort but not that much stability. If you are willing to spend the necessary amount just to kick off your journey, this one is for you! A yoga mat, as well as your yoga guide which is pretty cool if you ask us!

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Amazon Basics Yoga Mat

The thickest one from our selection, this amazing 13mm high-density foam mat provides a super soft and cushioned surface to workout on. But it surely compromises the stability since the thickness can make you feel disconnected from the floor. The textured surface does provide for some grip, and this one is a perfect fit if you do minimum floor exercises. If you are suffering from any injuries which require you to workout on soft surfaces, this mat is your best option. It is equipped with a carrying strap that makes it portable and easy to store. The cost is very reasonable and is a good investment to start your fitness journey!

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