MLB Power Rankings

Memorial Day is many things to many people. In the world of Major League Baseball, it's a bit of a marker. 

  Let's see how things look on Memorial Day is a common refrain when wondering if a team is legit (or legitimately bad).

 Yes, the Mets and Yankees are for real. The Twins are bona fide contenders. The Tigers aren't. The Giants might just be slightly good instead of whatever that was last season.

On and on we could go, but there's also the sleeping giant to consider. It isn't a hard-and-fast rule, but there are times when a team rebounds from a slow start to make some serious noise in October -- maybe even win it all. 

 We saw it last season from the Braves and in 2019 from the Nationals. With more playoff teams than we've ever previously seen in a full season, the chances are higher than ever that a team dabbling in mediocrity could make a World Series run.

Here are Three candidates: 

 1. Red Sox: If they do end up making a run, 10-19 will be the go-to phrasing (you know, like "19-31" for the 2019 Nats).

Here are Three candidates: 

2. White Sox: This is funny. There was a stretch last season where the Brave alternative wins and losses for around two weeks.

Here are Three candidates: 

3. Rangers: I'm not seeing it, but the Rangers have been pretty strong since a 6-14 start.

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