Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 Review:
 जैसा आगाज, वैसा अंजाम, बेस्ट एंडिंग!

If you sit down to tell the story of Money Heist, then spoiler will come in every line. If you go to tell anything, it is your own fun to be gritty. So just know that the game of gold theft from Bank of Spain is going on in full speed. 

Amazing, memorable series of every department
Spain has given a series to the whole world in which there is suspense, thrill, emotion, romance, action, technology….means just take the name, every aspect related to the film world is to be seen in this series. will meet. All the credit for this should go to the writers and directors of the team. We will talk about acting, but openly praise the first direction.

Characters like never to be forgotten
By the way, permission will not be there because the acting of the actors will force you to sit continuously. Many characters are leaving since the first season....Professor ie lvaro Morte, Tokyo ie rsula Corberó, Raquel ie Itziar Ituño, Colonel Tamayo ie Fernando Cayo.

Conclusion :-
There are other aspects which can be talked about....the background score is superb, the climax is many times more lively and stronger than expected.....but when we started telling everything then when will you start this series Will see....don't waste the series right away and enjoy your weekend to the fullest.