NBA commissioner Adam Silver talks about league expansion

NBA commissioner Adam Silver seems more than open to holding one of the league’s yearly marquee events in Boston.

“I encourage that application from Boston. Wonderful city and obviously we’ll be there soon,” Silver told reporters at his annual press conference ahead of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

     Silver added that there is a “long list of NBA cities” that would like to host the All-Star Game in the near future.

In his April report, Washburn detailed that the Celtics’ bid for would likely be for either the 2025 or 2026 All-Star Game.

  Silver’s happy to see cities like Boston, as well as Salt Lake City (host for the 2023 game) and Indianapolis (host for the 2024 game), show interest in hosting the All-Star Game.

  Silver said. “I’ve got a long list of NBA cities that would like to have All-Star — it’s not even a game anymore. It’s not even a weekend.

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