Warriors vs. Celtics: Breaking down 2022 NBA Finals

The matchup is set. The 2022 NBA Finals will feature two of the premier franchises in the league.

  This is going to be a great NBA Finals. If the Warriors can find a way to confuse   the Celtics' dominant defense with their flurry of movement, then they will win

 If the Celtics can figure out a way to score enough, then they will win.

A few of the games in this series will come down to which team can hit more above-the-break 3-pointers.

Only the Mavericks took more of them than these two teams during the NBA Playoffs, and their fortunes waxed and waned based on how hot they were in a given game.

When you have two teams that are evenly matched, it oftentimes comes down to tough shot-making from deep.

The Warriors were the best team in the league at those shots during the regular season, and the Celtics were 20th. The Warriors have a clear advantage there.

Ultimately, though, I can't see anyone cracking this Celtics defense. They will drop a few games to hot shooting, but this is the team best equipped to handle that devastating Warriors offense.

I expect a rock fight of a series, and the Celtics know how to win that way. I'm picking them in seven.

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