What is the
Resident Evil game ?

The Resident Evil is a Japanese based horror science fiction survival game. It is also famous by the name Biohazard in Japan.

The Resident Evil game is under the company Capcom. The Franchise gained popularity and even became a major Netflix series.

It is a third-person shooting game where players control a US government special agent Leon S. Kennedy,

 Leon is set on the mission to rescue the President’s daughter, who was kidnapped by a cult. Ashley Graham, the daughter, was taken to a rural part of Spain.

Around 1999, during the production of the PlayStation 2, four versions were discarded before the team started focusing more on the dynamic shooting angles of the game.

 Resident Evil 4 will also be coming on PC and Xbox Series X without any time exclusivity. 

 For now, the Microsoft consoles and PC players will not be able to enjoy the remake of the Resident Evil 4.

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